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Wait For It: August 2021 Newest Drops

New Perfume Drops


Wait For It: August 2021 Newest Drops

And just like that, it’s (almost) time to reveal what we have in store for you this August. The official drop is happening on Monday, the 9th, but we thought you might be interested in a little sneak peek. 

We’re rearranging our virtual shelves to reveal 19, yes 19 new fragrances from designer, celebrity, and niche perfume powerhouses. Better yet, more than half of the drops are already fan favorites that you’ve requested we include in our vast portfolio, but we’re proud to reveal 3 completely shiny new scents. 

New Perfume Drops

Michel Germain lands with another delectable fruity and sweet scent that will take you beyond your wildest dreams, while Sanctuary will raise your spirits and awareness with two rare and unique scents, just like their namesakes. 

As always, proceeds from each Sanctuary scent will be donated to organizations whose life mission is to save these endangered animals: 20% from purchasing a full-sized bottle, and $1 from every 8ml vial added to your queue. Sanctuary for the endangered animals and haven for your senses! 

New Perfume Drops

Throughout August we’ll be putting the spotlight on Pamella Roland and her first-ever perfume. Floral, fierce, and comfortably familiar, it will win you over with its unique take on a rose perfume via three different rose varieties. 

Expect getting close and personal with the Colonia collection by Acqua di Parma: lots of citruses, sunshine, tradition, pride, and Italian lavishness. 

Get back here on Monday and see why we’re so impatient to reveal all this newness to you. 

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