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Top 3 Cologne Trends for Summer 20174 min read

04/14/2017 3 min read
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Top 3 Cologne Trends for Summer 20174 min read

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Fresh, clean, citrus dominated and aquatic themed colognes are spurred into action come summertime. But if we are to believe the olfactive forecasts, the top cologne trends for this summer will be a lot more exciting.


The first trend that will dominate the skin and air around trendy men is colognes with floral blends.

While for some men this may seem like an act of olfactive renegade, the reality is different: Men all around the globe are veering away from the rigid masculinity types. Especially when it comes to fragrances.

Most men now are comfortable and can tolerate a nice floral blend in their fragrance wardrobe. This summer, Scentbird suggest you try:

Burberry Brit for Men EDT by Burberry with its sultry wild rose in starring role,

Luna Rossa Extreme by Prada and the sophisticated injection of Provence lavender scent,

Fragile Violet by EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh is perfect summer fragrance, best suited for men who do not allow their masculinity to be defined by the fragrance they wear.


Leather note is the perfect fragrant antidote to fresh green weariness. It is true that summer simply yearns for vibrant, richly nurturing and joyous notes, but summer night elegance calls for a more luxurious note: leather.

The key to styling the leathery fragrance as a night out summer fragrance is choosing one that is not mixed with overtly spicy accords.

Cuiron by Helmut Lang is the first candidate you should take on a test drive: Soft spices, warming leather and a shot of musk, for an end-of-day scented gusto.

In case you are into something stronger, take your chances with Platinum Leather by Commodity or Dark Rum by (MALIN+GOETZ). Both of the fragrances are marketed as unisex and have powdery sweet nuances, so must be used lightly.


Remember the vibrant, richly nurturing and joyous notes we spoke of earlier? While L’Eau d’Issey and Acqua di Gio as well as their light sprays are a must-have come summer, the new trends suggest trying out something juicier.

Set the right summer tone with fruity accords, because these are the creators of exhilarating and attractive colognes.

Tommy Bahama for Him by Tommy Bahama is loaded with watermelon and style to spareEl Born by Carner Barcelona flirts with fig and compliments and Boss Bottled EDT by Hugo Boss offers a juicy plate of green apple and succulent plum. And a variety of scented goodness.

In the end, no matter what summer 2017 brings us fragrance-wise, it is to remember that it is all about the wearer of the scent, not the label on the bottle or its name that it matters.

Fragrance was, is and always will be the best accessory to every mood, style, occasion or season.

So do not leave your home without it.


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