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CUIRON by Helmut Lang: Leather Story

Cuiron Helmut Lang


CUIRON by Helmut Lang: Leather Story

It can be fun to change up your scents to match the season.  Those laced with rich, full-bodied notes such as leather, woods, incense and spices are the obvious choice for the cooler winter temperatures, but when they also pack fresh citrus notes, they transition beautifully into the mild weather of spring.

CUIRON, by fashion designer Helmut Lang, is one of my go-to fragrances. Originally released in 2002, the first unisex scent by a fashion house, it quickly gained a cult following. Understated yet dynamic, pushing the boundaries of what was being offered elsewhere, CUIRON became the signature of artists and other creative looking to express themselves through scent. To wear it was to be inducted into a select society. It was your silent calling card, yet it spoke volumes to those that were privy.

In 2005, when Helmut Lang left the fashion industry behind, his fragrances were discontinued. Fans were heartbroken and every last bottle was purchased in frenzy, some taken home and stashed away and others listed on eBay, priced at $500 or more.

Helmut Lang was re-launched in 2007 and inquiries on the fragrances started to come in almost immediately. In 2013 CUIRON and the other original scents, Eau de Parfum and Eau de Cologne, were re-released with Lang’s approval, appeasing HL aficionados everywhere.

Lang described CUIRON as “a minimalist nuance of fine, worn-in leather” and it is an exquisite interpretation of just that. Transparent and energetic on the skin, CUIRON features a bright opening of sunny Italian Bergamot, juicy Mandarin, and lively Pink Peppercorn flowing into a dramatic heart of rare Cassia Oil and aromatic Carrot Seed.  Precious Cedarwood, Olibanum and Labdanum resins, Ambrette Seed and Suede Accord add warmth and depth, providing a beautiful finish.

The heavy amber glass bottle with understated yet provocative detailing is a modern interpretation of an antique Viennese apothecary bottle, another example of Helmut Lang’s meticulous attention to detail. CUIRON is truly a bold and timeless addition to any well-rounded fragrance collection.

What will your Leather Story be? Join the cult of CUIRON and let it effortlessly evolve…

Cuiron Helmut Lang

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