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Rebottled Cuiron, rebottled by Scentbird, Inc., an independent bottler from a genuine product wholly independent of Helmut Lang
Scentbird, Inc., New York, NY 10001
Suede Ambrette (Musk Mallow) Olibanum Carrot Seeds Virginia Cedar
A classic, fresh scent with fine nuances of worn-in leather. The fragrance opens with bergamot, mandarin, pink peppercorn and cassia oil, delivering crispness and transparency. Rich woods and suede notes provide sensuality and warmth as the fragrance dries on your skin.
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Cuiron by Helmut Lang Reviews

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I love this one...this is my scent.
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To the people giving this scent bad reviews, and those thinking of trying it out, please try to find a place to sample it before adding it to your queue, it is not for everyone. I personally love it, as I previously stated, but it's not for everyone. If anyone gets it, and doesn't like it, try trading it on the Scentbirdies Facebook, I'll keep an eye out for you 😊
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My first perfume and It smells awful! I messed up on this one for sure.
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Ok but a bit too strong I'm still searching but this is not what I'm looking for
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Like review said below I'm so excited Cuiron is on Scentbird. I as well got this in my birchbox about a year ago and I absolutely fell in love with this. I dont know what it is, the leather smell but not overpowering, and some citrus notes. Very sensual and invigorating scent. Reminds me of some kind of elusive sexy man. I highly recommend if you love leather toned unisex cologne/perfumes.
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Omg so excited scentbird has Cuiron! Received this as a sample in my Birchbox last year, and fell in love! It is unisex, so there's some masculinity to it. I just love it, definitely unique, and if it wasn't $185 for a full size, I'd definitely have it, think I'll just have to buckle down and buy it, that's how much I love it! I am not good at describing notes that are in it, so if you can find a place that has it, it is worth trying on!!!
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