It’s Our Anniversary & Everyone’s Invited🎂

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It’s Our Anniversary & Everyone’s Invited🎂

Six glorious years ago, we launched Scentbird with the mission to discover new fragrances, and make scent a joyful part of your everyday rituals. Since then, we have established ourselves as we’ve partnered with only the finest perfumery brands to offer fragrances that cater to all your moods, preferences and occasions – no compromises.

Starting this year, we introduce you the annual Confessions of a Scentbirdie anniversary event where some of Scentbird’s finest team members talk about their unapologetic love of fragrance and the scented spritzes that make them happy.  

Join us in celebrating another year of smelling and feeling good.

Benny C, Director of Product Design


Fave Fragrance: Rag & Bone – Oddity. The scent lingers for so long, and it’s intense in the best way. Love it.

Fun Fact: Years before I worked at Scentbird, I clearly remember seeing the beautiful ads for the company on a NYC Subway. I remember thinking, “I bet that’s a cool company to work for.”

Now, here I am, Director of Product Design at Scentbird, and it’s turned into one of the best job experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve come full circle!” 

To try Benny’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/rag-bone-oddity

Enjoli A, Accountant


Fave Fragrance (Currently): Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh. Eau So Fresh emanates the essence of pretty which softens my NYC grit into golden sunshine!

Fun Fact: It so happens that I was named after a Revlon perfume launched back in 1978, so it must be a part of my destiny to be a part of the leading subscription fragrance company that has literally rocked the industry!  Scentbird has changed the game and I’m super grateful to be here!  Much love! 

To try Enjoli’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/marc-jacobs-daisy-eau-so-fresh

Lacey M, Social Media Manager


Fave Fragrance: Burberry Brit.  A classic that I’ve worn forever!

Fun Fact: Before working at Scentbird, I never owned more than one fragrance at a time. I’ve think found a new favorite in Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme.

To try Lacey’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/burberry-burberry-brit-for-women-edt

Elizabeth, Creative Producer


Fave perfume: NARCISO RODRIGUEZ for Her Eau de Parfum. It works so well with the chemistry of my skin that I get compliments almost anywhere I go.

Fun fact: If I were shopping, I would never buy Narciso Rodriguez For Her. For too many it would smell like a perfume of an old lady, but thanks to some cosmic providence I got it as a gift. Long story short – now it’s my signature scent.

Sometimes you find gold where you don’t expect to. That’s why Scentbird is so cool – you can rotate between the scents in search of a perfect one without draining your wallet!

To try Elizabeth’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/narciso-rodriguez-for-her-eau-de-parfum

Bobby R, CS QA Lead


Fave Fragrance: I Love Love by Moschino. This scent is super sweet and flirtatious.

Fun Fact – I started working for Scentbird in my mid twenties and now I am in my early thirties. I must admit, this is the longest relationship I have been in and hope to be here for another 5 years.

To try Bobby’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/moschino-i-love-love

Pat G, Social Media Support


Fave Fragrance: Vanille Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique. I’m a Summer Girl who lives for the beach and I LOVE Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s line.

Fun Fact: I remember there was a one-time where I smelled Coconut and Vanilla in Melbourne on another person-  this entire line smells like that moment, and what’s seriously cool about it is I can tweak it however I want.  Layering Vanille Coco and Vanille Extreme is the best.

To try Pat’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/comptoir-sud-pacifique-vanille-extreme

Alina T, Customer Service Lead


Fave Fragrance: Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY. It is like walking through a flower garden next to the sea.  It reminds me of sunsets in Bali. 

Fun Fact: It took me 4 days to buy this perfume. I went to the store every morning to try new perfumes. I sprayed 1 fragrance on my left wrist, another one on the right. So, I tried 8 perfumes before I found my love. 

To try Alina’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/dkny-be-delicious-fresh-blossom

Marianne M, Senior Copywriter

Marianne 1

Fave Fragrance: Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture. You know, to match the velour tracksuits I’ve been living in all quarantine.

Fun Fact: I vividly remember the launch of Scentbird years ago when I was a beauty editor at InStyle, and I thought the platform was such a smart idea — I had so many unfinished bottles of fragrance sitting dormant in my collection and never could stick to just one. A few jobs and companies later, I landed at Scentbird and later learned the piece I wrote up was one of the first big features for the site. A few of their campaigns even pulled the “Netflix for fragrances” quote I penned in the article, which was such a cool full circle moment! 

To try Marianne’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/juicy-couture-juicy-couture

Nataliya S, Customer Support team 


Fave Scent: Burberry London for Men. That is actually a men’s fragrance, but it’s quite sweet, with notes of cinnamon and cherry jam, so I consider it unisex. That scent gives you a warm feeling of sitting near a fireplace with a cup of tea and a cake. I’m so happy that some men’s scents these days can be worn by women since I’m allergic to almost all floral perfumes.

Fun Fact: I didn’t know anything about niche perfumery before I started working for Scentbird. I only knew the main luxury/designer brands. But you have to be careful with niche scents if you use public transport: not all people like them, lol.   

I really love the idea of a fragrance and beauty products sampling platform, and it’s so cool that we promote smaller, less popular niche brands. It would be great if our glass vials were recycled at our production facilities. Working in customer support, I know that many customers are concerned about the environmental impact and would be happy to return the vials. Also, we can consider replacing the bubble packaging with cardboard boxes.

To try Nataliya’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/burberry-burberry-for-men-edt

Brittney M, Marketing Manager


Fave Fragrance: Chloe Fleur de Parfum. I love that it’s supposed to be this super femme floral, but on my skin, the rose becomes spicy and addictive. It’s the perfect combo of chic and edgy. Unexpected contrast is kind of my thing.

Fun Fact: I’m kind of obsessed with fragrance. I’ve marked each milestone of my life with a fragrance. It was “borrowing” my mother’s CK Eternity in high school. Then Flowerbomb became my signature scent in college, until Miguel & Wale made a song about it. Then it was Prada Candy when I moved to NYC which I procured during my first Fashion’s Night Out. Now I love experimenting and consider fragrance to be an integral part of my outfit – like an invisible accessory of sorts. For instance, I wear Chanel Coromandel for all important meetings (even virtual ones) and wear Kayali Elixir when I go to the gym. That’s one of the many reasons I’m so excited to be working for Scentbird! There’s so much to explore and so much joy to spread through smell-goods.

To try Brittney’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/chloe-fleur-de-parfum

Nataliia K, Customer Support Agent


Fave Fragrance: 3 L’Imperatrice D&G. It’s sweet, young and girly. Love this scent for summer.

Fun Fact: Weird enough, I believe that the fragrance is “mine” when I can’t smell it on myself (even though I know about olfactory adaptation). I cannot smell some fragrances I really enjoy shortly after applying. The trick here is not to pour half a bottle of fragrance all over your body not to make people around you sick. 

Scentbird is great for those who can’t find “that fragrance”. You can have “that one” for any season or special occasion.

To try Natalia’s fragrance, click here: https://www.scentbird.com/perfume/dolcegabbana-3-limperatrice-eau-de-toilette

Want more cool Scentbird features? Follow @Scentbird on Instagram and check out our entire catalog here: https://www.scentbird.com/subscription/

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