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Discover How Your Perfume Affects Your Mood

Discover How Your Perfume Affects Your Mood
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Discover How Your Perfume Affects Your Mood

Can fragrance change my mood?

According to some studies, yes, fragrance can both affect and change your mood.  Not only does fragrance affect mood, but it can actually enhance work performance and behavior in various ways.  It almost seems magical, but according to science, the fragrance is not working on “us.”  We work on the fragrance through life experiences with them.

This is based on “associative learning.”  Associative learning is the process of items or events linking to a person’s individual past experiences.  Certain fragrances may trigger certain feelings and emotions for different people.  What might bring peace and serenity to some, many not be the same for others.

How does perfume affect my mood?

Many perfumes and fragrances offer a sort of aromatherapy quality and effect, and can easily work to alter the mood.  Knowing that fragrances have this power to alter and affect mood, perfume companies and fragrance companies work diligently in creating new fragrances that will offer positive mood change benefits.

Some of the positive mood change benefits that you can expect to find from a perfume with aromatherapy qualities include:

  • Increased alertness
  • Invigoration
  • Uplifting mood
  • Relaxation
  • Feeling motivated

How do I know which fragrance to choose from?

By trying them out and testing them.  Breathe in the scents of various perfumes and fragrances, then go by your own personal instincts as to which fragrance you think will not only make you smell lovely but that might also offer some added aromatherapy benefits.  You should learn which scents bring about the mood or feeling that you’re looking for.

Aromatherapy is sometimes used as an alternative medicine process to enhance one’s mood and overall general well-being by incorporating natural and essential oils from various sources such as flowers and stems, leaves and bark, as well as other plant parts.

Some popular perfumes with aromatherapy and mood enhancing qualities include:  Lavender Frankincense Perfume – Botanical Perfume, Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Love Spell Fragrance Mist, Viva La Juicy by Couture, Eternity by Calvin Klein, Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang, Cool Water by Zino Davidoff and many more.

Why You Should Choose Perfume When You’re in a Good Mood vs. a Bad Mood

Did you know that the mood you’re in will greatly affect your ability to choose the right perfume while perfume shopping?  It can and that is because your mood affect’s your body’s PH balance.  When you’re in a good mood, your body is balanced and your olfactory sensory system (your sense of smell) is at its peak.  But when  you’re in a bad mood, the effects of stress and other factors can inhibit your olfactory system.  So you’ll want to perfume shop when stress levels are low and you’re in high-spirits.

Matching mood intent to fragrance:

Match the mood intent that you’d like to achieve by choosing fragrances with these scents:

Calming and Relaxing Scents:  Chamomile; Jasmine; Lavender; Neroli; Sandalwood; Vanilla; Allspice Berry; Rosewood; Sandalwood; Frankincense.

Refreshing, Revitalizing and Uplifting Scents:  Orange; Anise; Citrus; Cypress; Eucalyptus; Geranium; Ginger; Grapefruit; Lemon; Lime; Myrrh; Nutmeg; Peppermint; Pine; Rose; Rosewood; Spearmint; Tangerine; Spruce; Tea Tree; Thyme; Winter Green.

There are so many wonderful scents and fragrances to choose from that can both inspire and alter mood, which makes it all the more fun for perfume lovers everywhere to experiment with and add to their perfume collections.

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    Oriental Perfumes

    Good information about mood affected by fragrance and we know that if our mood is cool then everything is cool.By the way, we should use natural oil only like rose oil for calm and many perfumes which are described in this post. Thanks for this information, Keep it up!

  • Avatar Of Tonia


    Surely Perfumes are good mood enhancers.

  • Avatar Of Attar Guru

    Attar Guru

    Great info. I agree with most of the things said in the blog post. Aroma indeed help uplift your mood, it's all about making right choices.

  • Avatar Of Andrea


    smell of lavender essential oil is the one most uplifting for mood.

  • Avatar Of Kannauj Attars

    Kannauj Attars

    My favorites are jasmine and ginger ones in the respective categories. They have such a positive effect on our emotions that I always recommend my friends to choose natural-fragrance perfumes instead of artificial alternatives.

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