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Thursday Scented Crush: Memoires De Mustique by EIGHT & BOB

Memoires De Mustique

Thursday Scented Crush: Memoires De Mustique by EIGHT & BOB

Albert Fouquet’s olfactive swan song is a masterwork of haunting opulence and his ultimate creative legacy. Fouquet accomplished the seemingly impossible: he created EIGHT & BOB’s Memoires De Mustique, and by using only few notes he brought to life the beautiful landscape, colors, scents and forms of the island of Mustique.

You may recognize the name of the island as the favorite and most luxurious hideaway of the rich and famous and the place where some of the greatest rock albums were made. But for Albert Fouquet Mustique is literally paradise on earth.

Memoires De Mustique by EIGHT & BOB is an invitation, a free pass to this paradise at the heart of which is the pleasure of wearing any fragrance: to experience the utmost pleasure of being yourself. It is almost as if Fouquet saved this unisex fragrance for last, the cherry on top.

Memoires De Mustique opens with a familiar yet craved for bergamot note in a familiar company of petitgrain and neroli, providing bitterness and zest. Languid, delicate and fragile white floral heart smooths out the bitterness, with petals of orange blossom, jasmine sambac and osmanthus providing soft contrast against the sharp opening. Warm woodsy notes, amber and white musk get comfortable on your skin, prolonging the stay in this paradise known as island of Mustique.

Hauntingly gorgeous, an effervescent summer cocktail of scents, classified as unisex, Memoires De Mustique has plenty of qualities that appeal equally to both sexes.


A tribute to the magic of this unique Caribbean island, this bright, fresh and wonderfully sophisticated fragrance features key notes of bergamot, jasmine, neroli, precious woods and white musks.

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