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rag & bone: The Clothing Company that Redefined Effortless Style Launches Their First Fine Fragrances

Rag &Amp; Bone Fragrance
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rag & bone: The Clothing Company that Redefined Effortless Style Launches Their First Fine Fragrances

When a piece of clothing is made well, the authenticity and quality inherent in the work is always present. Genuine artistry is revealed through an artisan’s scrupulous attention to detail, and a discerning eye for selecting only the finest materials.

These are also the hallmarks of rag & bone, designers of modern and energetic clothing for men and women, and who now are launching their own line of fine fragrances.

rag & bone spent over 18 months in partnership with masters of the perfumer’s craft to perfect their unisex line of eau de parfums, to develop a collection that pays homage to the diversity of the rag & bone man and woman. Centered on classic perfumery ingredients, the unisex rag & bone fragrance collection introduces curious twists on iconic scents.

Established in 2002, rag & bone was born out of a desire to create masterfully constructed clothing. Rooted in British heritage and imbued with a New York edge, it is known for innovative, yet wearable clothing that redefines effortless, urban style.

Marcus Wainwright, founder of rag & bone, on the origins of his new fragrance line:

We approached fragrance in the same way we approach all new collections – we started with classic components and built them out with qualities that are quintessentially rag & bone. The collection celebrates the individual; we wanted each scent to create a unique connection with its wearer.

Scentbird is proud to provide our subscribers with four of these new perfumes from rag & bone’s line of fine fragrances: Bergamot, Encens, Neroli, and Oddity:

Bergamot: A fresh cologne contrasting vibrant Italian bergamot with warm woods and amber.

Encens: A novel combination of incense, myrrh, and black pepper over confident woods.

Neroli: Timeless orange flower and neroli mixed with a hint of pink pepper.

Oddity: Smooth, sweet vanilla bean and amber intertwined with the spice of black pepper and vetiver.

You’ll love the curious twist on the classics. Try them now with Scentbird.

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    Mary Thomas

    Where is my 1st order?

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    Hi Mary. Our attitude at Scentbird is that every problem has a solution -- and plus, we'd hate to see you go, so please give us a chance to make it right. If you haven't checked out our Help Desk yet, that might be the best place to start: We take our customer issues extremely seriously, so if that doesn't solve it, please get in touch with our Support team using the pink "Submit A Request" button at the top of that FAQ page. Feel free to message us directly or email with any other questions! Thank you so much for being a Scentbirdie, Have a nice scented day, Marina

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