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Daily Scented Inspiration – Cologne Ideas For January

Burberry London Men


Daily Scented Inspiration – Cologne Ideas For January

Burberry London Men

Wear London for Men on the very start of 2017, and watch as some of its English sophistication rubs off on you!

Hedonistic and joyful, Burberry’s London for Men exuberant cologne with oriental-creamy tobacco character is the scent of choice of the modern, cosmopolitan spirited man. London’s fragrant mini me mirrors the upbeat, kaleidoscopic personality of the metropolis: each and every note is a nod to the traits which make London the European, posh version of the City That Never Sleeps.

London for Him opens with an illuminated blast of cinnamon spread on a citrusy background. As the scent continues to develop on the skin, the citrusy notes take a leave of absence, letting the cinnamon do all the work, igniting the senses and infusing the wearer with energy surge.

The heart of London reveals a cultured, sophisticated masculine projection: a fragrant smoothie of opoponax and savory leather, adding richness and creaminess to the composition without sacrificing an ounce of its upbeat, modern poise.

A base of wonderfully oriental-lure tobacco leaf, aromatic Guaiac wood and earthy oak moss warrants the cologne playful, not so innocent complexity.

Presented as the ultimate fall/winter cologne, Burberry couldn’t have come up with a more suitable name: this is a creamy, warm, sturdy cologne, sophisticated performance in a fragrance, beating in the same rhythm as the city itself.


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  1. Avatar Of Bonard


    Nice review Marina. Odlicno! ;). It's winter now here in NZ and I've been wearing this one in the office. Got a few comments and compliments, nice to know I made the right choice. Would be interested in your opinion on top 5 (or ten) men's fragrances from a woman's perspective. Do you take interest in Niche brands like Amouage, Creed, maybe even Tom Ford, etc. Hope to hear from you :). Bonard.

  • Marina Ljubisavljevic

    Thank you very much Bonard, I appreciate it. You can find all about the top 5 colognes loved by women here: Here at Scentbird we absolutely love everything with Amouage label on it. Their craftsmanship is simply out of this world. In case you're after some workspace cologne inspiration check out this post And here you'll find some colognes that are simply made to shine when the mercury drops Have a nice day, Marina

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