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Minaudière Oud by Judith Leiber: Spring In The Midst of Blizzard

Minaudière Oud By Judith Leiber

Minaudière Oud by Judith Leiber: Spring In The Midst of Blizzard

Minaudière Oud By Judith Leiber

The small calendar on my desk says there are 67 days left til springtime, but the perfume on my wrists says it is already here…

This scented spring smells nothing like fresh flowers, it’s the sexy spring scent, the one that invites you to bare your skin and bask in the warmth of oud, amber and orris.

Inspired by the woody warmth of dark oud and amber Judith Leiber Minaudiere Oud takes the raved about oriental oud theme and gives it a light, yet sophisticated twist.

In its essence, Minaudière Oud is a posh EDP with a dynamic and sensual top note of rose and an intriguing juicy twist of lavishly succulent plum and sensual raspberries. The scent has a rich, dark heart with a pure mix of black pepper, and sweet vanilla orchid. This is rounded off with the rare and exotic orris root, providing for crave-worthy decadence. The dry down is a mixture of precious incense,creamy amber and rich oud wood.

Imagine the spring rose in a panic-induced race to the finish line, followed by plum and raspberries. When the vanilla orchid hits the nostrils, it’s like an onslaught of sensations. At this point, all you can think about the perfume is its sexiness. It’s definitely a perfume with a smooth, sexual presence, delivered by the amalgam of orris, amber and oud.

I love how this perfume warms up and just invites me to bare my skin…The place where Minaudière Oud touches my skin tingles, the beginning of an illicit thrill slowly moving with a graceful swaying motion all the way to the spine.

These days as the wind is showing off its strength, I often find myself scattering the perfume droplets all over my body like confetti. This is my willing to Spring ritual. And it helps. My scented spring mantra.


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