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Workplace Cologne 101: Best Office Fragrances for Men


Workplace Cologne 101: Best Office Fragrances for Men

The newest generation totally office-proof colognes features discreet notes that payoff in freshness and comfort without overpowering your cubicle.

Less is more. Learn it, live it – spray accordingly.

Mercedes-Benz Man Blue

Luxurious and refined, Mercedes-Benz Man Blue is what you wear when you want amp up your office routine. This Mercedes-Benz creation doesn’t dabble in aquatic notes, but favors clean, crisp tangerine and crackling black pepper. Blending fresh spicy notes with floral and musk is a winning combo for this classy fragrance that’s all business… plus, a bit of happy hour, too. 

Cambridge Knight by English Laundry

You can never go wrong with a fragrance that combines effortless Brit charm and sophistication. Cambridge Knight by English Laundry is a masculine scent that’s both clean and refined. The bay leaf and guaiac wood mingle with with intense herbal tones that resonate throughout the entire scent.

Mankind Hero by Kenneth Cole

Mankind Hero by Kenneth Cole is unique with unexpected oriental twist.

Whether starting the day off right or ending on a high note, Mankind is the cologne for the super-driven. This scent is ambition’s sidekick, celebrating the evolution of body, mind and fragrance. Created to reflect the need for simplified elegance, the grassy citrus and unpredictable tonka bean will rock your olfactive experience.

L’Etrog by Arquiste

L’Etrog by Arquiste champions the citrus and vetiver theme by balancing it with sweet dates.  Offering a refreshing new take on a scent profile we love, this cologne wears easily like the Italian nonchalance.

Warm and slightly gourmand with whispering waves of soft florals, this unisex Arquiste composition radiates trendsetting vibes which only the real rulers of office realm can pull off.



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