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Bug Off: Fragrances As Mosquito Repellents? Oh Yes

Fragrances As Mosquito Repellents

Bug Off: Fragrances As Mosquito Repellents? Oh Yes

Fragrance is an instant confidence and mood booster, it has the capacity to elicit a range of emotions like happy, sexy, relaxed, beautiful, confident and even smart, but its list of superpowers does not end there. And thankfully for all those mosquito magnets out there (yes, you and me both sister), we can add the bug repelling super-power.

Summer and heat is the perfect excuse to show off some skin, but that desire is quickly drowned down in myriads of funny smelling mosquito repellents, which frankly my dears, do not match well with perfumes.

That’s where fragrances that double as mosquito repellents come into play:

NoMo by Fragrance with Benefits

Nomo By Fragrance With BenefitsFragrance with Benefits introduces a new approach to fine perfumery: a luxurious fragrance that invites people to lean closer but keeps mosquitoes away.

Created with travelers in mind, NoMo is a fragrant travel essential. Olivia Jan, perfumer, co-founder of the brand put her heart and soul in the creation of this fragrance to solve her problem: being a mosquito magnet. NoMo eau fraiche fragrance was created in the pure tradition of french perfumery, infused with a dose of practical innovation, as the essentials oils also act as a delightfully-scented insect repellent.

The fragrance opens with Sicilian lemon and Florida orange, with cool and refreshing natural mint balancing the citrus. This invigorating scent settles into a calming heart of Provence lavender oil, layered with Egyptian geranium leaves and luminous light blooming jasmine.

The dry down is both intriguing and serene, as the cedarwood and blond wood bring you back down to earth after soaring above the cloud on a citrus breeze.

For the lovers of classical fragrances that were created with the idea of charming the socks off everyone around them, a more classical approach may come in handy. There are many studies suggesting that eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary are on every I-hate-that-smell list issued by mosquitoes, making the fragrances containing these notes worthy of the unstung hero title.

My suggestion? Moss by Commodity for the ladies and Reflection Man by Amouage for the stronger sex.

Moss by Commodity

Moss By CommodityMoss by Commodity captures the freshness of a cool, misty, spring morning. It opens with invigorating Italian Bergamot, Oakmoss, Eucalyptus Oil and Orange Blossom, enhanced by a smooth reveal of Amber, White Musk and Cashmere Woods. 

This perfume will be able to instantly transport you to the best hiking trails available – the ones that begin in your mind. And where clearly there are no annoying bugs.

Why it works? It has Eucalyptus Oil in the middle, so mosquitoes will bug off from your skin. Which I cannot claim will happen with some suitors.

Reflection Man by Amouage

Reflection ManThe online based fume-heads and fragrance aficionados will probably tell you to steer clear from woody fragrances during the warm months. And they are probably right, if they are talking about office and hanging out colognes.

But when it comes to date nights during summertime, light woody fragrances are the norm. Or to rephrase it: Reflection Man by Amouage is the norm.

In this artistically olfactive palette of notes you are the creator of your style. And with Reflection Man on your neck and wrists, you’re halfway there. And you won’t be concerned with your seduction style, since there won’t be little blood suckers to ruin your evening, courtesy of rosemary note.


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  1. Normally I use NoMo. Using this aroma beneficial to keep mosquitoes at bay without the use of chemicals and other harsh deterrents. Your blog posts are always informative and useful. Thanks for sharing…..Please keep sharing such post…

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    "Stronger sex"? Using this term to be synonymous with "man" can be offensive. Let's not describe the male sex as being stronger in 2017; we should have moved beyond that by now.

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    Jason Brown

    This is really great article. Its help me a lot .Thank you.

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