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Scented Man Power: Dylan Blue by Versace

Dylan Blue


Scented Man Power: Dylan Blue by Versace

With a name reminiscent of your high school crush and a promise of freshness, Dylan Blue is already a favorite cologne of many women this summer. Best enjoyed on a man’s skin, I may add.

Dylan Blue is a fresh spicy giant squeezed in a fragrance bottle; the perfect choice for the hunting-in-the-urban-jungle adventurous, trendy, posh uomo.

Vivid and lively, all it takes is one sniff of this strident, crisply self-confident fragrance to distinguish its scented mastery in the vast ocean of similar colognes. Yes, its name has been linked with many other colognes out there, but when Versace launches a new item on the market, it’s bound to be a trailblazer, not a copycat.

Cutting close to a traditional cologne with a modern spin, Dylan Blue by Versace makes sure the intended olfactory disposition casts a different light on the cologne.

Dylan Blue By VersaceThe aromatic violet leaves mingle with assertive Calabrian bergamot and a heavy dose of citruses, with musks, tonka bean, incense and saffron resulting in fragrant groundwork for fougere finish.

Invigorating without “agitated” label, Dylan Blue is a vigorous mix of style and nature.

Its aromatic, woody – fougere composition with fresh aquatic notes, Calabrian bergamot, grapefruit and fig leaves at the top, develops with a heart of violet leaf, papyrus wood, organic patchouli, black pepper and ambrox. Mineral musks, tonka bean, incense and saffron wrap the composition up and give it a fougere vibe.

What you’ll experience in general is a bracing explosion of tart citruses when it hits your skin (fantastic olfactory rush after a morning shower), followed by several hours of what seems to be a fairly traditional cologne that is hiding some ozonic elements that keep it refreshing, and finally, a warm, dark depth of spiced up accords that denote the smell of success.

The longevity of this green citrus/ fresh spices freshness is great. In fact, Dylan Blue’s scented prevalence counts in 6+ hours, so do not be surprised when the spicy accords glowing against the zesty citruses wake up with you the following day.


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