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 Eau Monumentale by Thirdman: Vive La France

Eau Monumentale By Thirdman Vive La France

 Eau Monumentale by Thirdman: Vive La France

Fireworks, military parades, firemen’s balls may be some of the best ways to celebrate July 14th this year, but absolutely the best way to honor the day of French culture is by wearing their best olfactive cultural offering: highest quality French fragrance. A.K.A. Eau Monumentale by Thirdman.

Eau Monumentale By ThirdmanCreated by Bruno Jovanovic, Eau Monumentale is homage to traditional eau de cologne, the one that was specifically designed to be applied chilled, like a champagne, for a refreshing splash.  It speaks about over-hauling traditional citrusy blend in new accent. Eau Monumentale  is a new interpretation of traditional citrusy oils with a romantic floral render.

The fragrance breaks the seal with an alive and kicking mix of bergamot, lime and orange. It’s fresh, Italian stallion opening that introduces an air of bucolic Calambrian comfort with its attention demanding herbal aroma. The freshness reminds me of that feeling when you open the fridge on a sizzling hot day: a pure bliss.

Neroli and mimosa in the heart are having a girls’ night out: dressed to the nines and all out romantic. They are having a word with the citruses about their harshness, and the whole thing settles down in a nice, floral with a hint of citrus friendship.

The woodsy suede, smooth and sensual-like drydown appears but never gets a dictator-like prominence. This drydown is warm and realistic, green fresh and done just about right.

When you think of Bastille day, you think about liberty. Well, with Eau Monumentale, feel free to apply it liberally at all the places where you want to be kissed.

The fragrance is genderless, like all fragrances should be like: liberating and allowing you to become the best version of yourself.

This summer, let your deodorant staycation in your drawer and experiment with new scent. With ruffled citruses, mellow floral heart and woodsy notes in the dry down, Eau Monumentale by Thirdman will make you feel bold and ready to take on whatever life throws at you.


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