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Best Woody Fragrances for Fall

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Best Woody Fragrances for Fall

Woody notes built into the heart of feminine perfumes are making a major comeback. These fragrances are packed with lingering accords of vetiver, oakmoss, amber, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, and oud. Oftentimes, these scents are composed with a citrusy base of bittersweet notes.

Normally associated with fall or winter, wood-themed fragrances are rich, complex and poignant.
Whether your favorite olfactory moment is a fruity juice, mouth-watering spicy gourmand, fresh aquatic or rich floral, wood accords are the elements that add more depth to your fragrance.
Due to their universal strong sensual appeal, woody perfumes are going through a renaissance period, prompting perfumers all around the globe to reach for at least one of these earthy notes as an inspiration for their new masterpiece.

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

Aromatics Elixir By CliniqueClinique’s iconic perfume, Aromatic Elixir is a strong and sharp scent with unique character. The herbaceous top notes open with verbena, sage and chamomile, an incredibly fresh green injection of nature.The opening gives way to a sweet floral heart of geranium, rose and white flowers: ylang ylang, jasmine and tuberose.

However, it is the woody base of oakmoss and patchouli notes that smells like a winding forest path illuminated by a tired fall sun: the messenger of days filled with search for warmth and comfort.
It is the perfect pick for anyone who is in search of scent that infuses uniqueness into their routine.

Carven L’Absolu by Carven Parfums

A woody scent with floral overlay, it is the integration of ylang-ylang and patchouli that make it a scintillating allure for the wearer.

Carven Labsolu By Carven ParfumsIntense and potent, Carven L’Absolu’s floral sweetness set amidst intense patchouli is what you should be wearing on a Saturday night out.

Body by Burberry

Img 1362284A soft and floral scent with a ending of woody sweetness that’s not overly done. Emulates the grace of the classical British Burberry style, projecting class, femininity and softness.
As for the woody theme, the cashmere wood and the warm wood notes provide the scent of clean, fresh, dewy pine tree radiating freshness after a rain pour during the summer dog days.
Classy and perfect for the office, this is the ideal scent for the woman who want to feel good in her own skin.

MMMM… by Juliette Has A Gun

Mmmm... By Juliette Has A GunJuliette Has a Gun’s MMMM…. pairs raspberry and jasmine with a woody and gourmand finish. Evoking the aromatics of your favorite French bakery, MMMM is packed with confectionary notes that awaken the palate.
The dry down is marked by woodsy sweet vanilla and creamy caramel tones, with patchouli and sandalwood – but don’t worry, they never swallow the previous accords of the raspberry echoing throughout the composition.



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