Cologne of the Month

Cologne of the Month: HUGO ICED by HUGO BOSS

Hugo Iced


Cologne of the Month: HUGO ICED by HUGO BOSS

HUGO ICED is October’s Cologne of the Month. And we believe that its bracing combination of Iced Mint, Wild Tea, and Indian Vetiver is an excellent introduction to the HUGO style.

Iconic German design house HUGO BOSS has been synonymous with men’s colognes since they released their HUGO fragrance, in its distinctively masculine water flask design. This Green Apple, Aromatic notes and Woody notes became a generation of young men’s “go-to” fragrance for every day wear.


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Scentbird is happy to announce that we have acquired the next three phases in the development of the original HUGO fragrance’s intrinsic appeal: the refreshing Mint of the most recent release, HUGO ICED, the citrusy classic HUGO MAN, and the aromatically warm HUGO JUST DIFFERENT.

Each of these three fragrances offers a unique personality and perspective, while still displaying the sophisticated profile that made HUGO such a success.


Hugo Iced 125Ml BottleHUGO ICED is a fresh, frozen cocktail of bracing Mint, Wild Tea, and Vetiver. Its confident character makes HUGO ICED an elegant and refined year-round choice to up your scent game.  If you love the energy of Iced scents, but are eager to try a new style, look no further.


Hugo Man 125Ml BottleHUGO MAN takes the best aspects of the perfumed world and fuses them into an extroverted and evocative cologne. The crisp, energizing bite of Green Apple in the top notes. Cedar’s dry authority anchors the scent in a Woody masculine profile.


Hugo Just Different 125Ml BottleHUGO JUST DIFFERENT is just different enough for an olfactory double-take. Freesia in a men’s fragrance? Mint phasing into the aromatic heat of Basil and Cashmeran? JUST DIFFERENT is just daring and iconoclastic enough to reset all the basic expectations about what a men’s cologne can do.


You’re already sexy, confident, and relaxed. Now it’s time to up your scent game.
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