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Mercedes-Benz Fragrances: Fusion of elegance and modernity

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Mercedes-Benz Fragrances: Fusion of elegance and modernity

Mercedes-Benz has an unrivaled history in creating luxury cars, defined by their timeless and charismatic design. The brand’s iconic style goes well beyond the car industry—it’s a lifestyle. Introducing Mercedes-Benz Parfums, born from the fusion of elegance and modernity, each with its own personality for the modern, sophisticated man.

Scentbird is excited to share these three Mercedes-Benz fragrances with our subscribers, and all three complement the wearer, no matter if your life goal is to rule the Autobahn or get on your bike to the farmer’s market before it closes.

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Mercedes-Benz Man

Man By Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz Man is a cool, dry, and aromatic fragrance featuring top notes of crisp pear and smoky ambrette seed paired with heart notes of sharp cedar and chilled geranium. Base notes of palisander wood and verdant oakmoss define and heighten Mercedes-Benz Man’s calm, tailored sophistication.

Mercedes-Benz Club

Club By Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz Club starts off with an invigorating, natural sugar rush from top notes of grapefruit, orange, and lemon humming over a balanced blend of cool, dry juniper and deeply-spiced cardamom. The dry down is an elegant bland of patchouli, musk, and tonka punctuated by dry woods.

Mercedes-Benz for Men      


Mercedes Benz For Men

Mercedes-Benz for Men plays the sharpness of bourbon pepper and nutmeg against the plush subtlety of violet and an aquatic accord’s seaside sparkle. Mercedes-Benz for Men is a serene yet confident fragrance for fans of both aquatic freshness and bold spices. This is an excellent “first-date” fragrance.


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