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Catherine Malandrino Perfumes: Olfactive Cheatsheet to Parisian Cool

Catherine Malandrino Perfumes

Catherine Malandrino Perfumes: Olfactive Cheatsheet to Parisian Cool

The renowned French designer Catherine Malandrino offers a cheatsheet to Parisian cool: a carefully crafted French perfume applied on all the right places. And to make things easier, Scentbird carries not one, but two of these amazing Catherine Malandrino perfumes:  Style de Paris and Romance de Provence.

Style de Paris

Style De Paris By Catherine MalandrinoEach of the notes in Style de Paris connects the premise of Paris with the olfactive poetry derived from the pleasure of wearing this sexy perfume. Nonchalant, confident, always sexy and with an air of je ne sais quoi attitude, Style de Paris is the only sexy accessory you’ll ever need.

The mix of multichromatic fruity notes is heavenly and downright seducing. Then comes the heart that features orange blossom, gardenia, violet and ocean breeze accord with its quirky essence, only to be wrapped up by patchouli in the base, like an oversize sweater slipping off the shoulder to reveal just a little bit of skin.

Romance de Provence

Romance De Provence By Catherine MalandrinoOffering a new perspective of Provance and dutifully shunning the over-exploited theme of Provencal lavender, Romance de Provence is hot and gripping, just like a Fall in Provance.

Sinfully rich and addictive, this fragrant joie de vivre starts off with mandarin orange, apple blossom, black currant and pear. The innocent and unassuming opening morphs into subtly seductive heart of flowers: jasmine, orange blossom, rose, violet, lily and green tea. The true hedonistic spirit of Provance shines through in the dry down, where vanilla, patchouli, tonka bean, amber and caramel convince you that you can have your cake and eat it too.


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    Wow! What a great idea! The fragrance of Catherine Malandrino is my favorite sent. This perfume as like as the blend of jasmine, Nice article….It will help me to upgrade myself. I will recommend my friends to visit your blog.

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