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Scentbird Introduces Maison Berdoues: Creators of Fine Fragrances



Scentbird Introduces Maison Berdoues: Creators of Fine Fragrances

Four generations of the Berdoues family have personally overseen this fragrance line, to create a rich, olfactory history that stretches back 100 years. The Grand Crus collection are perfumes with all the finesse, strength and complexity of fine French wine, with essential oils sourced from around the world.

The Berdoues line is marked by a dedicated and refined vision, one that allows each of their fragrances to calmly speak with its own voice, in a sophisticated and original way. Their fragrances are not loud or aggressive, seeking instead to subtly complement the wearer, adding just enough of their personalities to elevate your mood and your style in equal measure. 

Scentbird is proud to offer four of the Grands Crus perfumes, and we think these will quickly become staples of your collection.

Scorza di Sicilia

Description Crea Scorza 0Scorza di Sicilia is a light, refreshing citrus scent made from Calabrian lemon, Virginia cedar and Indonesian vetiver. The wet lemon zest and the dry tangy cedar play off each other well at the beginning, with enough contrast to appreciate each note’s individuality. The vetiver grounds the light, dry profile with rustic root spices as it dries down. Scorza is an excellent scent for the office or to energetically begin your day on the weekend.

Selva do Brazil

Description Crea Selva 0Selva do Brazil is a green citrus-based scent, with a prolonged, watery Paraguayan petitgrain note at the top. Normally petitgrain is a blended, background note in perfumery, but here it stands out all on its own. You can feel the moisture slowly falling from the high branches overhead as you walk further into the canopy of a fantasy Brazilian forest.

The heart offers a smoky tonka bean that hovers like a plume of ashes from the burnt offerings sent up from a village buried deep in the forests verdant depths.   The guaiac wood in the base is spicy, rich and full; a polished, scarred ceremonial icon rising mysteriously from the center of the village.

Assam of India

Description Crea Assam 0Assam of India is a delightful, black tea with lemon scent that is both comforting and exotically spicy. The tea note is full, tannic and strong, perfectly complemented by the buoyancy of the pure lemon citrus. The tea and citrus combination is instantly addictive and inviting. There’s a touch of Mysore sandalwood in the drydown that just makes Assam of India that much more delicious to wear. A drop of honeyed sweetness in all the dry, herbal zest.

Vanira Moorea

Description Crea Vanira 0Vanira Moorea is an orange and citrus-infused Tahitian vanilla gourmand fragrance that will definitely get you your share of intrigue. It’s sheer and self-confident, not sticky and rich. The texture and tone are both airy and light, with top, middle and base notes all pulsing together as one.

The petitgrain and Brazilian orange against the dark Tahitian vanilla will distract you like a playful Caribbean breeze, enticing and relaxing you in the same moment. If you want to add a new gourmand to your collection without fear that it’s too sweet to wear, this fragrance is exactly what you’re looking for.



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  1. This collection is gorgeous. Love the sharp and slightly bitter greenness of Selva do Brazil, and the unusual yet gentle spices of Assam of India. Not included is Arz el-Rab, a velvety and incredibly smooth cedar.

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    I like Scorza di Sicilia most. A sweet citrus perfume. Every perfume has its own set of notes’ which is responsible for the overall fragrance of the scent. I really appreciate it. Thanks for sharing!

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