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Scented Crush: Blossom Love by Amouage

Blossom Love By Amouage

Scented Crush: Blossom Love by Amouage

Lovers of cherry blossom, rejoice: Blossom Love by Amouage brings to life that rich, textured, varied yet elusive scent of cherry blossom with an exploding beauty on your skin. Wearing Blossom Love invites state of uninterrupted marvel, but even in this hypnotic state you can discern the craftsmanship of Amouage.

Blossom Love By AmouageThe fragrance opens with an unbearably splendid bergamot and heliotrope union.  A compilation of amaretto, ylang-ylang, rose and cherry blossom amplify sweetness of this composition while amber, tonka bean, vanilla and suede insist on classifying it as powdery warm.

The cherry blossom theme speaks not of massive and powerful presence, but rather of beauty. The note is felt as the fragrance warms up, but cherry blossom throws off the invisibility cloak and allows for a full-on goddess to step through only with the help of amaretto and vanilla.

And while July is in full swing and this is a fragrance that leans on the powdery sweet side of the fragrance wheel, I feel like just a drop of it would be a perfect summer date night fragrance.  Blossom Love is a sweet floral “on the rocks” fragrance morphing into olfactive tool for massive enchantment. A must have for the modern sensualist. Bewitchingly lovely. Have you tried it yet?


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