A Trendsetter’s Cologne: Valentino Uomo by Valentino

Valentino Uomo

It’s no surprise that a fragrance named by the ultimate Valentino man would be inspired by fashion. But for this creation, Valentino Fragrance House departs from the usual cologne formula and takes the “future man” as its main muse.

It’s a smooth and velvety, almost gourmand combination of chocolate, leather and coffee that is absolutely addicting, setting the standards for the future classic men colognes.

With just the slightest possible inclusion of citrusy bergamot, Valentino Uomo is destined to become modern classic with attitude and style to spare, proving that a manly fragrance does not have to rely solely on the well tested combo of aftershave citrusy accords and harsh, woodsy tones.

This Italian olfactory story begins with bergamot and myrtle, while the dryness of the nutmeg is prominent in the opening cycle.

The dryness which can be sensed in the opening are toned down subsequently, when the middle notes turns the composition creamier with suede and almonds. Afterwards, the dry down makes it beautiful with its woody base which is really long-lasting.

Perfumer Olivier Polge obviously dissects the feminine sweet edible creaminess of the middle and the masculine woods of the dry down, creating a scent that man would make feel hip and trendy, to the obvious eyes of the women around.

Men, I know you want just as us, women to be complimented, so if this is your goal, you have found your ultimate winter cologne.

About Marina Ljubisavljevic

Marina is an aspiring writer, a perfume enthusiast, lover of a nice warm cup of Italian coffee and a stubborn optimist. She discovered her love for perfumes in the same fashion as every little girl; on her mother's nightstand. Ever since then, she lets her nose rather than her heart lead her through life, because perfume, rather than diamonds, are a girl's best friends.

A Trendsetter’s Cologne: Valentino Uomo by Valentino

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A Trendsetter’s Cologne: Valentino Uomo by Valentino

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    1. Marina Ljubisavljevic

      It’s my numero uno cologne gift. A proof that not all manly colognes have to be harsh!

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