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Trance Inducing Perfume: Tresor Eau de Parfum Lumineuse by Lancome

Lancome Tresor Eau De Parfum Lumineuse

Trance Inducing Perfume: Tresor Eau de Parfum Lumineuse by Lancome


Picture a perfume that throws people in a movie-like induced trance: they catch a whiff of your perfume and are immediately thrown on their knees, drawn by some powerful spell, needing this fragrance in their lives.

Yes, without an ounce of doubt, I proclaim: Tresor Eau de Parfum Lumineuse by Lancome is that good!

Originally envisioned as a Tresor flanker, Lumineuse shows its originality: it opens with a sweet burst of praline before moving into the rich, expected floral heart of Damask rose and violet leaf.

A finish of powdery musk, vanilla, woody tones and sandalwood seals the lid of the traditional French floral oriental scented bottle, reminding us that the French charms lies in the century old recipes.

In an effort to understand the true meaning of chique, Dominique Ropion mixes equal parts of sweetness with roses adds unexpected ozonic elements, for lightness and delivers subliminal fragrant elegance.

In case you weren’t delighted with Tresor Eau De Parfum, I suggest you to try Lumineuse.

Even if you take your perfumes without any sugar sweet notes, try it! Here you will find some dark, almost bitter spicy pralines, which is a result of the woody notes. An airy, soft spicy scent where violet leaf, woodsy notes, dark, tempting vanilla and rose by any other name make appearance one by one.

Honestly speaking, I cannot detect the sandalwood note, but that doesn’t mean it is not present. My guess is that the smokiness in the sweet praline/vanilla is the direct consequence of the sandalwood, it just does not shine thru on my skin.

A perfume which you can wear year-round, yet it is in its element when the temperatures outside take a nosedive!

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