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A Boss’s Scent: Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu by Cartier

Cartier Vetiver Bleu

A Boss’s Scent: Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu by Cartier

Cartier Vetiver Bleu

Elegance is not a woman’s prerogative, and Cartier’s latest cologne makes sure the message is conveyed, loud and clear. Designed for the man who has class in mind, Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu lives for black tie dress codes and office smart suits.

In the world where fashion gender is defined in loose terms, this particular cologne calls for old Hollywood glamour packed in modern custom tailored package.

This being said, Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu is more than appropriate for the adventurist type of man, for the dream chaser, the one who throws himself headlong into his dreams, even as their possibility dwindles. Only, this man does his adventure in style.

A surprisingly earthy and dry vetiver is laced with a menthol layer and capped off with sweet licorice.  There’s also a touch of bitterness to the vetiver note reminiscent of bitter citrus, even though no citruses or other bitter, rooty notes are being listed in the composition.

Elegant and mature but fresh and springlike too, it’s really pleasant, voluptuous but spicy, herbal and a little harsh initially scent that can seduce a feminine heart very easily.

Eau de Cartier Vetiver Bleu is like snow decorating the first spring flowers: a cool, spicy herbal potion brought directly from the deepest, cleanest and bluest parts of Mother Nature. Personally, I believe that this is the best composition of Cartier’s Eau de line, all the more reason to snap up this gorgeous, but not so unique fragrance.

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