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Paradise Found: Tunisian Neroli by Lisa Hoffman2 min read

01/11/2016 2 min read

Paradise Found: Tunisian Neroli by Lisa Hoffman2 min read

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Tunisian Neroli by Lisa Hoffman

The scent of a blossoming woman…A scented interpretation of Tunisian dusk, depicting an enchanted fragrant interlude bathed in mystery: darkness, the air is heady, spiced, and soft.

The nature quiets down and the scents’ patience is wearing thin, backed by the wind, roaring into the air, giving off a rare, sensual and unique, truly unique floral fragrance –  a decadent pyre of ylang ylang, golden amber and neroli blossoms.

Lisa Hoffman’s unique work of art reflects the lure of a faraway land. Captivating, alluring, lush, intoxicating and classy, this is the signature scent of a woman who wants to stand out in a subtle yet mysterious way!

A sequence of fresh, sweet and floral accords to provoke the woman’s changing olfactive sensitivities throughout the day, this perfume takes off with the sparkling scent of all the notes together, like an olfactory choir.

I personally love the way the different notes play together all at once and don’t necessarily come in waves.

Tunisian Neroli, also known as the Orange flower may be the “primus inter pares”, the first among equals notes of the composition, however, it is the addition of Ylang Ylang, Golden Amber, and Neroli Blossoms with Lemon and Buchu Leaf that makes this perfume a celebration of scented opulence.

Sensual, borderline erotic, electric and symmetrical, this frequently overlooked fragrance is a must have this winter.
If you are tired of “bumping” into the same tracked perfumes over and over again, this Lisa Hoffman piece will restore your belief into the existence and the power of unique fragrances.

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    Sounds magical. Just my thing

    • Marina Ljubisavljevic

      Marina Ljubisavljevic

      Thank you Neyon. They say that Neroli flower is almost considered sacred in Tunis, and a friend of mine told me that Tunisian open air flower markets are the closest thing to the smell of Heaven. I can imagine :)

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