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Top 3 Winter Colognes To Try With Scentbird

February Cologne

Top 3 Winter Colognes To Try With Scentbird

We’re calling it: There’s no better way to enjoy the first days of the new year than with a cozy cologne. Woody, rich, and unique? Yes, yes, and yes indeed. Ticking all the boxes, check out our edit of the top 3 winter colognes on Scentbird right now, including exclusive numbers from Vince Camuto, Atelier Cologne, and the German automobile masters, Mercedes-Benz.


Mercedes Benz Man

Concocted by master perfumer Olivier Cresp, the scent is woody, with the dash of a fruity kick, laced with pear, geranium, and cedarwood. Oakmoss and ambrette are the highlight, balancing the sweetness of the pear note and adding earthy accord to the overall composition. Daring but not the slightest overbearing, Man is every bit as exciting as all the products bearing the Mercedes-Benz logo.

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ATELIER COLOGNE Clementine California


In Atelier Cologne’s composition, vetiver slowly and subtly bursts on the scene, and the fragrance is all the better for it. The clementine and vetiver mix is spiced up with juniper berries, making the final result fresh, lush and green while offering a refreshing new take on a scent profile we love.

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A woody composition with a spicy backdrop, Virtu is a happy marriage of Tuscan leather, crushed pepper, and vetiver accords. A brilliantly versatile and completely unique, Virtu is what you wear when you aim to impress.

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