CAPRICORN December 22 – January 20 The Determined Individualist

Element: Earth

The tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn, is determined,  faithful and persistent.

If your horoscope sign is Capricorn, you are one very strong headed woman, who has her feet firmly planted on the ground.

Your strength lies in your objectiveness and your ability to see things in their true light. You take full responsibility for your actions and you have a clarity of vision, which helps you to focus on the essentials. You charge ahead, with the help of Saturn, the energy bearer.

In love, you are reserved and wait for the partner to make the first moves. You seldom wear your heart on your sleeve, all because you are afraid of being hurt. This is one of the very few weaknesses you have. But underneath your affectionate and emotional nature, you are passionate and romantic.

Only the ones who truly love you and are dedicated to you will get to see this “mellow” side of yours.

Your style can be described with two words: safe and classic.

Once you find a perfume you love, you will hold it close. Because of your element, earth, you are drawn to natural scents like herbs, vetiver, grass and animal scents, from the likes of musk and civet.

L’eau d’Issey EDT by Issey Miyake: Your everyday perfume choice: Miyake, the master of fine art, has created the perfect zen perfume. It’s like walking barefoot on a freshly cut grass before a summer rain. You can smell the scent of lotus leaf drenched in water.

Carven L’Eau de Toilette by Carven Parfums: When you want to make an impression: This is a perfume that will accentuate your individualism, your energy and your need for control. It is mysterious. It is potent. Yet, underneath all of this domination, there is a lovely bouquet of flowers, that totally revs your romantic side.

Norell Elixir by Norell: For when you’re feeling fancy: This is a perfume Capricorn ladies will easily adore. It’s a classic, stylish number reinvented modern notes. A perfume that shows your goal oriented nature.

scented horoscope

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