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New Year, New Month, Brand New Arrivals for January 2021


New Year, New Month, Brand New Arrivals for January 2021

Our 2021 forecast predicts lots of super hot drops starting this month! Keep scrolling – these are the new scents you need to know. 


The Harmonist

Inspired by founder Lola Tillyaeva’s spiritual quest for meaningful life, The Harmonist is a brand that regards scent as a piece of art, a music, where all the elements must be in perfect harmony to produce consonant sounds. Drawing upon ancient Eastern philosophy, the fragrance collections honor the five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water and their synergy that awakens the senses and nurtures the wearer.

This month we welcome three exceptional scents from the brand: Yin Transformation, Guiding Water, and Hypnotizing Fire. 

Yin Transformation

Yin Transformation

Celebrating water as the source of life, Yin Transformation’s blend of warm aquatic notes will instantly appeal to anyone searching for a perfume that’s both unusual and unapologetically sensual.

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Guiding Water

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Fresh as a dew on a chilly spring morning, Guiding Water is a comforting medley of ozonic accords, dash of pink peppercorn, and a bouquet of flowers. 

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Hypnotizing Fire

Hypnotizing Fire

Mysterious and charming, Hypnotizing Fire is all about the seductive notes of vanilla and benzoin laid upon a bed of roses. 

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From the luxurious brand known for the brilliance of both their jewelry and crystal collections, we introduce three new scents exclusive to Scentbird: Reve D’Infini, L’Amour and Soleil. 

Reve D’infini

Reve Dinfini

A tribute to femininity and elegance expressed in a floral-fruity perfume with an enthralling trail.

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L’Amour is a white floral fragrance mixed with citrusy juiciness, an exquisite warm base, and a whole lot of sultriness. It is the perfume for the modern, independent, charismatic woman.

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Soleil blends a tantalizing gourmand heart with a floral accord as well as addictive and unexpected coffee and milk notes; while in the dry down sandalwood is lavished with an overdose of praline and musk.

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Chris Collins

With his provocative scents that shed inhibitions, perfumer Chris Collins boldly announces his intention to disrupt the perfumery scene. Using scent as a storytelling medium, his fragrances stir your senses, as different notes recite stories of New York and Paris and their cultural exchange, from the Harlem Renaissance through today. 

This month we’re introducing three scents by this up and coming house: Danse Sauvage, Renaissance Man and Harlem Nights

Danse Sauvage

Danse Sauvage

The unrivaled thrill of 1920’s Paris performances distilled into a warm woody scent, Danse Sauvage is an homage to the uninhibited Josephine Baker performance sharing the same name. 

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Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man

A scent that evokes the rebirth of Manhattan’s creativity scene at the beginning of the 20th century, Renaissance Man is made energetic by marine accords, bergamot, and ginger. Honey, tonka bean, tobacco, and leather create a nostalgic vibe.

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Harlem Nights

Harlem Nights

Named after the buoyant nights in Harlem, this Chris Collins piece encapsulates the atmosphere of a Harlem speakeasy, with its wood accents, ornate wallpaper, and intricate chandeliers through orris, animalic musk, and rum accords. 

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KENNETH COLE Mankind Unlimited

Mankind Unlimited

As an urban yet sophisticated brand favored by many in our community, we just knew we had to bring their latest fragrance, Mankind Unlimited:  Fresh and citrus-powered, this Kenneth Cole number is made for those who boldly live without limits.

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VINCE CAMUTO Terra Extreme


Lovers of Vince Camuto, rejoice, because yet another amazing creation is now gracing our virtual shelves. Sandalwood soaked in a matured-to-perfection rum accord, Terra Extreme is the only choice for the man with fearless charm.

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PINK SUGAR Pink Sugar 

Pink Sugar By Aquolina

Pink Sugar, the delicious fan fave swirl of wild berries dipped in caramel, is officially back. Add it to your queue now, or regret it later.

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