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Chris Collins
Danse Sauvage
431 ratings
Eau de Parfum, Male, $175 Retail value
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The booze and spiciness of this scent has the power to bewitch. A blend of plum, cognac, and chili notes will envelop you in mystery and charm, leaving others feeling drunk off your presence.
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Black Pepper
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  • Date Night56%
  • Hanging Out25%
  • Office13%
  • Workout4%
About the brand
Explore Chris Collins
Having traveled the world in his previous career, Chris Collins developed a love of luxury and a deeper appreciation for fine fragrance. As the founder and scent storyteller behind his own fragrance brand, Collins brings his connoisseurship to create alluring and exotic scents.

Chris Collins fragrances are designed to capture feelings of attraction, daring, and freedom, whether that means a sweet gourmand or a hypnotic wood. Besides creating a sensual mood, the scents also tell the stories of New York and Paris and their cultural exchange, from the Harlem Renaissance through today.
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Chris Collins
Danse Sauvage
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