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Find Your Perfect Scent With The New Scentbird Quiz

Scentbird Quiz

Find Your Perfect Scent With The New Scentbird Quiz

Want to find your perfect scent, but don’t know where to start? Our new and improved Scentbird quiz makes choosing your signature fragrance easier and more fun than ever. 

There are no wrong answers on this quiz, so we know you’ll ace it. Start by answering a simple question: What type of fragrance are you looking for? Do you prefer feminine or a masculine scent? Pro tip: once you decide on the type of fragrance, close your eyes and try to imagine each of the offered types, mood, and vibe that you’re looking for as you work through the next three questions. 

Scentbird Quiz

The site utilizes a unique algorithm that helps you narrow down a dream scent that’s meant to cater to your every mood, style, and schedule. These are the scents that speak to you, to your heart, and convey your personality through the art of fragrance. To further refine your recommendations, we encourage you to rate perfumes you’ve already tried!

Male Quiz Recomendations

And because our preferences can change (even overnight sometimes!), you can always retake the Scentbird quiz to explore different fragrance families as we adapt the algorithm to cater to your every mood. Ready to find out your scent personality? Head over to our quiz, — it’ll be fun, we promise. Click here and let the fun begin:

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