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Enamored Winter Perfume: Mi Corazon by Oscar de la Renta

Oscar De La Renta

Enamored Winter Perfume: Mi Corazon by Oscar de la Renta

Oscar De La Renta

Classic Latin lover in a bottle: soft spoken, flirty, bathing you with compliments, setting your heart on fire in gauzy radiance. This is Mi Corazon.
Intertlacing the senses, the delicate scents of yellow floral notes cutting through the heart of tuberose, falling in love with the composition without even knowing you have been seduced in the first place.

In the designer world, Maestro de la Renta was known as the poet with scissors, and this perfume is an ode to his genius modus operandi.

Your very first sniff of Mi Corazon will whisk you to a flower shop: rich, empowering ylang ylang and bright, sweet peach uplifts you and then tones down, like the intake of sweet floral nectar. Tuberose then takes over, dominates, adding the finishing touch to the bouquet, reigning supreme.

The fruity undertone is added in the mix to bring balance between the ylang ylang and the tuberose, since both of them are powerhouse notes and they ask for mastery in the delivery of a scent which reminds you of garden layered with newly opened flowers.

But don’t be fooled though, this isn’t the smell of bouquet; this is the smell of grace, of you, wearing flowers in your hair, on the most beautiful day of your life.

Not everyone appreciates this master craft with the de la Renta signature. It requires maturity, refined taste, poetry in heart.

As for its power, all I can say is that the silage and lasting power of this fragrance is phenomenal, so if you are a fan of sweet tuberose notes, this is what the Universe ordered, just for you!

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