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#TrendingOnScentbird: What’s Hot Now, Besides the Weather

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#TrendingOnScentbird: What’s Hot Now, Besides the Weather

Here at Scentbird we look forward to cooler weather ( chill out, I said cooler), so if you want to be on top of all summer-to-fall trends, you may want to start shopping for transitional scents right away.

The perfumes we have on our mind and our list combine the best scents of summer and fall into stylish and versatile olfactive mosaics. Perfect for now and next season.

It rarely gets better than that, right?

Signorina in Fiore by Salvatore Ferragamo

Trending On ScentbirdSignorina in Fiore starts off like a heated summer romance: intense like the pomegranate note, carefree like the nashi pear that teases your nose, and sweet just like sorbet. This happy-go-lucky trio does not wander off after the initial burst the way villains disappear at the end of children stories. These stay all the way to dry down.

The middle follows suit in the mesmerizing narrative: cherry blossom and jasmine conspire to make you feel happy just for the sake of it. But behold. The floral accord is only a prelude to a fairy tale.

The fall vibe is announced last, with white musk and sandalwood lurking in the depth, waiting for the chance to launch their attack and hold you captive in the wonderful, warm, whimsical dry down.

Unlike other floral/woodsy perfumes, Signorina in Fiore is composed with notes crushing into each other and accords leaping one over another, reminiscent of those days when weather is changing fast and your weather app is just as unreliable as the English sun.

Simone by Tocca

Trending On ScentbirdSimple and light in composition, Simone by Tocca is an elegant solution to the question what scent can I carry in my Scentbird case August to October? Fruity, floral and flirty with dash of woodsy, Simone will make you choose her over all the other scents almost every month.

It’s a watermelon Mojito decorated with apple peels and freesia, served on a woodsy musk and amber coaster.  Oh yeah, I see you frantically asking for more the moment you realize your usual summer/fall fragrance is not giving you the pleasure kick you’re after.

Scorza Di Sicilia by Berdoues

Trending On ScentbirdThe summer is always sound-tracked by vibrant and uplifting citrusy scents, but are they only to be worn til Labor Day? If the fragrant compositions are high-end with exceptional longevity, projection and inherent sex appeal, the perfumed court rules in favor of wearing these scents year round.

There are very few perfumes that tick all of these boxes, and we cannot be happier that Scorza Di Sicilia by Berdoues is one of these gems. It starts off with Calabrian bergamot and citruses that light up your brain synapses like Christmas tree.

The beach party from Sicily is then moved to Virginia, with Virginian cedar acting as mediator between the feisty opening and the mellow, soft and cuddly vetiver. This indeed is a multifaceted fragrance that will make you smile even if the skies are grey.

Just remember, it’s always sunny in Sicily!


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