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The Original by EIGHT & BOB: A Must-Have Exclusive Cologne For The World’s Most Stylish Men

Eight Bob Original


The Original by EIGHT & BOB: A Must-Have Exclusive Cologne For The World’s Most Stylish Men

In a world obsessed with followers and trends, the number of ways one can be original and unique are truly limited. Unless you wear The Original.

Since every fragrance radiates different scented aura once it mixes with the chemistry of the wearer, the only thing that can be unique on you (beside you) is that very same fragrance. The late President and Icon of Style, JFK was familiar with this notion.

The Original By Eight BobHis prowess in managing the affairs of state was as equally successful as his prowess in mastering the affairs of style. And scents, obviously.

JFK and The Original by EIGHT & BOB is an urban legend that serves as a testimony to the man who invented and mastered relaxed confidence and laid-back sophistication.

As a matter of fact, of all the scents that Scentbird carries, this one has the most unique backstory. U.S. President John F. Kennedy found this scent while enjoying on the French Riviera and demanded it be sent to him and his brother, Robert Kennedy. Hence the title, “Eight and Bob” – Bob is future President Robert Kennedy.

The fragrance is a classic aromatic scent – citrus fruits matched with cardamom and ginger, with a bit of vanilla in the base. And having the President demand it can’t hurt for style points, either.

The essence of the original EIGHT + BOB is Andrea, an endemic plant which master perfumer Albert Fouquet found on his visit to Chile back in January 1934.

Top notes of ginger, lemon and bergamot are the bearers of the first zesty punch, combined with heart notes of cedarwood and crusty hazelnut. Patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla complete the scent. And your style.


You’re already sexy, confident, and relaxed. Now it’s time to up your scent game.
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