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Cologne on the Rocks: Eau Contraire by Thirdman

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Cologne on the Rocks: Eau Contraire by Thirdman

Milk, pickles, ketchup, beer, champagne…cologne? You read that right – Thirdman’s Eau de Colognes are best served chilled. Straight from the fridge.

Before we explore the idea of Eau Contraire, “fragrance on the rocks”,please note that eau de parfum and all the fragrances with high concentration of parfum oil are not to be kept at the fridge.

This is what Elizabeth Barrial, perfume nose associated with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and a scent-connoisseur has to say on the subject:

“Light and extreme temperature may degrade essential oils and synthetic fragrance chemicals even in such small concentrations,” she explains. “Some essential oils can be refrigerated, but unless you know exactly which oils are in your , you won’t have a good idea of what the possible outcome may be. My two cents: Unless you live somewhere that experiences extreme heat, keep your fragrances out of the fridge!”

As a rule, extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum will alter a fragrance. “Top notes are notoriously fragile,” adds Barrial.

The original concept of eau de cologne was to nurture the skin and refresh it at the same time. It was genderless, mellow and uplifting. Due to the high contrast between high quality natural ingredients and a low concentration of essential oils, it could be applied liberally, or even used as room air freshener.

Out of necessity, sentimental, practical and soul-beautifying reasons, Jean Christophe Le Grévès, Thirdman founder introduced the world to his line of fragrances, eau de cologne in its original form.
If you want to find out a more about Jean Christophe Le Grévès and Thirdman as a concept, please read the interview he gave for Scentbird: Exclusive Interview with Jean Christophe Le Grévès, Thirdman Brand Founder.
Eau Contraire By ThirdmanIn this heat, a heavy dose of chilled Eau Contraire by Thirdman on a heated skin is all the refreshing splash you need. Uncomplicated and heavenly attractive, it boasts only two notes: blood orange and cardamom. 
The blood orange beckons you to smell your wrists, a pure energy in bottle. It is exciting and refreshing, especially the opening phase in which the orange steps on full throttle. And just when you think this is what heaven smells like, cardamom, the heartthrob appears. Making the rest of the world and all the fragrances in it as if they were made in grayscale. 


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