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A collective of reknowned perfumers who believe in a groundbreaking fragrance philosophy: l’Eau Contemporaine. The contemporary eau defies the expectations of a typical perfume with its unprecedently fresh, redefined take on luxury; one in which the sensorial pleasure of fragrance is reigned in with few, sheer, high-grade ingredients to be reapplied liberally like a second skin.<br><br>Thirdman is a niche cologne line that updates traditional eau de cologne for the 21st century. The line concentrates on highlighting simplicity and freshness, with a modern, versatile feel. Eau Contraire derives its heat and energy from a blend of blood oranges with Indian cardamom, for a dark, spicy profile.
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Thirdman Eau Contraire main notes

CardamomBlood Orange
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Scent type
product typeCitrusy
product typeSexy
product typeEveryday
product typeSummer
product typeFresh
product typeEasy-going

Thirdman Eau Contraire description

Thirdman is a fragrance line dedicated to featuring the brilliance of the Eau de Cologne style of scent – minimalist compositions where fresh, light citrus and spices are the focus. Historically, Eau de Cologne is a splash-style, lemon and orange, zesty citrus refresher, applied liberally and often. Thirdman has taken this citrusy profile and expanded it to include a host of aromatic notes…
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