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#TrendingOnScentbird – The reviews are in, here are our top-rated fall colognes you need

Trendingonscentbird Cologne


#TrendingOnScentbird – The reviews are in, here are our top-rated fall colognes you need

Finding it difficult to nail the smart yet casual fall cologne trend? No problem. Consider this your fast track. We corralled our top-rated fall colognes, so you can score some major olfactive-style points wherever you go.

Tommy Bahama for Him by Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama For Him By Tommy BahamaDescribed as a scent for the “sophisticated and refined island gentleman,” this fragrance fuses fruity watermelon and pear notes with warm Australian sandalwood and amber accords to make a super-sexy masculine impact. Stylish and accomplished cologne, Tommy Bahama for Him will suit the olfactive taste of an energetic and well-groomed guy at any age.

Cologne Mood by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Cologne Mood By Comptoir Sud PacifiqueSearch ‘perfect cologne’ on Google and you’re likely to find this fragrance from Comptoir Sud Pacifique. A fresh spicy cologne equipped with superpowers to make you feel invincible. Rhubarb paired with Indonesian patchouli leaf and nutmeg, this is what modern men smell like in our dreams.

Carven Pour Homme by Carven Parfums

Carven Pour Homme By Carven ParfumsCarven Pour Homme speaks of quiet masculinity and relaxed ease, about wearing a fragrance for the sake of pleasing oneself. It’s the cologne you’ll reach for when you want to smell smart, but don’t want to veer into overly manly territory. And please do not throw a tantrum at the mention of violet: the floral note accompanied by sage helps to relax the formality induced by the spiced woody tone of the fragrance.

This Is Not A Blue Bottle by Histoires de Parfums

This Is Not A Blue Bottle By Histoires De ParfumsGoin’ places? So is this next-level cologne by Histoires de Parfums. Forget your concept of cologne as you know it ,and meet This Is Not A Blue Bottle, a unique mix of heavy musk, geranium, amped up aldehydes and mellowed out spices. The result? A high quality, ultra-seductive fragrance with a mega-sexy fit and an unexpected edge. A French olfactive winner by any standard.




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