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Reisa by Truly Yours Parfums: Scent on a Mission

Reisa By Truly Yours Parfums

Reisa by Truly Yours Parfums: Scent on a Mission

When LA-based luxe indie brand Reisa, by Truly Yours Parfums, launched their first perfume, it set out to be a signature scent that would become known for its exclusive combination of citrusy-floral notes and woody undertones. It quickly caught the attention of celebrity admirers and received rave reviews from the press and social influencers.

Reisa By Truly Yours ParfumsGuided by the philosophy “the beauty of fragrance is timeless”, founder and entrepreneur Sheba Grobstein, is determined to help every woman create her unique olfactive expression by creating scents that are subtle yet distinctive enough to evoke a reminder of the woman who wore it.

“The most classic perfume is simple, beautiful, romantic. Our goal is to create that sense in the scent and look of our product and in the emotional pull that one gets from a favorite fragrance,” says Grobstein.

Citrusy floral with a woodsy base, Reisa opens with a bright cocktail of sparkling Italian bergamot and lime blossom oils. The soft, evocative heart comes next, wherein a charming floral accord is revealed through rich notes of tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine and stargazer lily. The finishing touch is enriched with woody oud, sweet vanilla and earthy patchouli providing warmth, sensuality and depth.

Truly Yours Parfums is redefining luxury by encouraging and empowering women to live their life to the fullest, accompanied by a fragrance of the highest quality.

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