Your brunch perfume sorted: Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun

Brunch Perfume

Your brunch perfume sorted: Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun

A quick question for you fragrance aficionados who brunch: if you don’t finish off your brunch look with a fragrance, do you even have a complete outfit? Lazy weekend brunches with your besties aren’t an excuse to slack on perfume … Have a little think about that while you read why Romantina by Juliette Has A Gun is our go-to weekend scent.

Romantina By JhagThanks to its two timeless notes: rose and musk, Romantina nails the minimal chic with zero effort. It’s fresh (comes handy when you’re feeling groggy), subtle and oh-so-beautiful (we know it’s only brunch, but few compliments are always more than welcome).

The perfume’s opening act is of the finest Turkish rose – a fragile beauty. The soft middle of the perfume is comprised of vetiver and patchouli, with orange blossom brightening the otherwise dark scent. And then…Then the sensual musk comes to play. Its scent injects passion into the floral bouquet spiced with Bourbon vanilla.

A truly multifaceted scent that complements any style and outfit, Romantina will make sure you feel and smell the best throughout those brunch gossip sessions.


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