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Diana Vreeland Perfume For The Most Fashionable Person On Your List


Diana Vreeland Perfume For The Most Fashionable Person On Your List

Legendary fashion editor and style savant Diana Vreeland was beloved for bold ideas and extravagant  taste. Always challenging the norm, the fashion editor also had a nose for great perfume:

Fragrance helps you create your own personality and I believe it should be a dramatic one.

Diana Vreeland Parfums is an inventive and elegant collection of scents that transforms this distinct point of view into aromatic delights that breathe on the pulse points. Created by her grandson Alexander Vreeland, this luxe fragrance line-up in an ode to Vreeland’s extravagant imagination.

Simply Divine, Devastatingly Chic and Daringly Different are all available on Scentbird.

Simply Divine By Diana Vreeland

Simply Divine

As provocative as it’s refined, Simply Divine is built around tuberose, whose seductive aroma has long been associated with other aphrodisiacs. In the background, soft jasmine, orange blossom and crushed leaves are layered with sandalwood for the smell-good, super-femme favorite of the party season.


Daringly Different

Daringly Different is a sensual fragrance, framed by a rich iris note as well as agarwood (oud). The fragrance also features rose, intertwined with leather to create a mysterious, lingering scent.

Want more? Alexander Vreeland revealed the inspiration behind Daringly Different to Scentbird earlier this year: 

Devastatingly Chic Diana Vreeland

Devastatingly Chic

A study in style laced with with floral accords, Devastatingly Chic is a modern sophisticated fragrance inspired by Mrs. Vreeland’s love of fashion.

Regal rose oil has a touch of heat matched with unexpected carnation. The perfume is accented with mandarin, pink pepper and patchouli for a velvety aromatic finish, making Devastatingly Chic the perfect accessory in cool temps.

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