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January 2019 Perfume of the Month: Kat Von D Beauty’s Saint Eau De Parfum



January 2019 Perfume of the Month: Kat Von D Beauty’s Saint Eau De Parfum

Kat Von D Beauty’s Saint Eau De Parfum  is EXACTLY what you want to wear heading into 2019.  It’s packed with exhilarating tiare flower and rich jasmine notes that gorgeously unfurl with deep plum, mandarin, and vanilla accents.  So your skin will be layered in smooth, silky florals and humming with sweet, sophisticated warmth.

And not only is Saint Eau De Parfum delicious to wear, but it lasts a long, long time.  One spray is good for the day (with maybe one more for the evening as you like.) Because when you’re sticking to a resolutions list, the last thing you need is a perfume that quits on you.  

One of the most comfortable, but sensually powerful perfumes we have in our catalog, Saint Eau De Parfum is absolutely ideal for a wintry January, New Year-New You kind of vibe.  Because smelling great and feeling good shouldn’t be on a To-Do List; it’s just how you roll year after year.

Saint Ingredients V1 300Dpi


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