As we all know well by now, Winter is Coming.  And for those of us lucky to escape freezing conditions by jetting off to somewhere tropical, warm, and most likely having a beach within walking distance, travelling in style is essential.

Okay, so:  here’s a pro tip to ensure you never have to sacrifice a signature scent for a spray to keep the nasties away:  check out Fragrance With Benefits’ NoMo perfume.  NoMo (short for No Mosquitos), is a light, citrusy, and wonderful-smelling eau fraiche that happens to be made with essential oils that are natural insect repellents.

Not only that, but this cool perfume is a smart selection for hotter climates – the mentholated combination of peppermint and geranium will function like a deliciously cold breeze on overheated skin – so it’s a win-win all around. Revitalizing to the spirit and also keeps anything other than your S.O. from getting too close.

You’ll smell fantastic, save some much-valued space in your overhead bag, and be able to focus all your attention on the beautiful scenery all around you. Even better, you can pick some up at a local J. Crew store or Madewell near you.


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