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Diana Vreeland’s Legacy Lives On… And Smells Amazing

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Diana Vreeland’s Legacy Lives On… And Smells Amazing

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Photography credits: Inez & Vinoodh

Influential style icon Diana Vreeland has existed in the mind-space of the fashion faithful since her early days as the Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar. Perhaps best known for her tenure as Editor in Chief of American Vogue, Vreeland’s bold spirit, daring imagination and generous wit both on and off the page quickly elevated her to a cultural icon. With Diana Vreeland Parfums, grandson Alexander Vreeland evokes the essence of his grandmother’s sparkling life and legacy in an expansive, luxurious collection of fragrance.

“When she first joined Harper’s Bazaar [in 1936], my grandmother created a column entitled ‘Why Don’t You…?’ which truly captured her sense of irreverent luxury. That is what we wanted to express with the fragrance collection,” Vreeland said, adding: “There is a dream about my grandmother that I think people aspire to and seek to tap into.”

Simply Divine, Devastatingly Chic and Daringly Different – all originally packaged in jewel-tone bottles that reference Vreeland’s unique perspective on color – are named for the legendary editor’s bon mots, and celebrate different aspects of her spirit.
Vr Cl“My grandmother found beauty and inspiration everywhere,” Vreeland explained. “When developing the fragrances, we are inspired to think of what she might want to wear if she were 35 today.” Vreeland and wife Lisa collaborate closely with perfumers, allowing them to explore expansively. Creating a fragrance, Vreeland pointed out, can take up to two years in order to ensure each scent suits the brand DNA.

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Photography credits: George Hoyningen-Heune

As an arbiter of style, Diana Vreeland made her name by staying ahead of the curve. How then, did the team translate style into aromas perfect for pulse points?

“It is all about striking the right mood between the beauty and the femininity of the natural ingredients balanced with the impact and the long-lasting quality that we think is so reflective of the spirit of our collection,” he said.

Vreeland recalled a visit his grandmother made to Morocco, when he was just a young boy. He said his grandmother drew inspiration from this seductive world returning home and featuring the caftan in the pages of American Vogue.
“Daringly Different is a gorgeous iris oud, with a beautiful transportive quality,” Vreeland said, adding: “It always makes me dream of Marrakech.”

So, which perfume did he think his grandmother would wear today?

“I am sure that she would be changing fragrances regularly. I think she would wear Devastatingly Chic, and at night she would wear Simply Divine. You would feel her presence when she entered a room and she believed that women should be divinely scented at all times.”

Re-imagining the heart of fashion into fragrance all comes down to striking the right accord. All eyes will be on Diana Vreeland Parfums as the fragrance house plans to launch new fragrances in 2018.


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