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Celebrate National Orange Blossom Day With Amazing Scents


Celebrate National Orange Blossom Day With Amazing Scents

We’re celebrating  one of the most fragrant floral notes around for National Orange Blossom Day. Sweet, delicate and fresh, orange blossom is a highly coveted note, reminiscent of luxe bridal bouquets.

Without further ado, here’s our tribute to this brilliant, aromatic Note to Know:

What Is Orange Blossom?

Orange blossom is extracted from the flower of the bitter orange tree, widely grown in India, and eastern parts of Africa a. Handpicked in late April to May,  the blossoms contain high amounts of essential oil, Interestingly, orange blossom and neroli oil are produced from the flower of the same tree.

If you want to learn more about neroli as a perfume ingredient, please click here.

Fun fact: orange blossoms  are also an indispensable part of wedding traditions dating back to ancient China. In these ancient times, they were emblems of purity, chastity and innocence.

How Orange Blossom Displays in a Fragrance:

As a single note, orange blossom absolute has a sweet, full floral aroma with rich honey undertones, and shares similar scent-like qualities to jasmine. Here we’ve compiled our favourite scents that pull from this note profile:

Simply Divine By Diana VreelandSimply Divine by Diana Vreeland

Inspired by Diana Vreeland, the iconic fashion editor, this stunning fragrance collection is new to Scentbird and quickly becoming of our forever faves (you can read our Q&A with Vreeland’s all-star team here). Unsurprisingly, this label’s take on orange blossom totally blew us away.  Simply Divine, created by perfumer Clement Gavarry, surrounds its velvety orange floral with  fresh-from-the-garden tuberose and jasmine for a glamorous splash of fragrance. It’s simply divine, and oh-so stunning!  

Bahamas Eaudeparfum 600X600Bahamas by Nateeva

Linden blossom, elderflower, neroli, orange blossom- brimming with floral notes, this fragrance certainly speaks to the breezy insouciance of the Bahamas in summertime.

The infusion of musk and woods cuts through the powdery aspect and imparts warmth and elegance. Unlike most floral fragrances, Bahamas has supreme staying power, and smells fantastic day or night!

Romantina By JhagRomantina by Juliette Has A Gun

If you’re obsessed with all things orange, citrusy delicious, you’ll be riveted by Juliette Has A Gun’s totally original take – blended with with rose. Not a  die-hard? Well, you might be converted.

In a twisted love tale, orange blossom flirts with rose, melting together with a dash of patchouli and a sprinkling of  vanilla. Decadent and fresh, this is the perfect ode to young love.

Notes Similar to Orange Blossom:

Jasmine, neroli and petitgrain.

What Orange Blossom Pairs with Best:

Orange blossom is often paired with citrus accords, which enhances the scent’s longevity. When paired with wood notes, it gives off a distinctive aroma of lush forest while mellowing out the spiciness at the core of the compositions.

Orange blossom fans, today is your day. Snap your favorite scent, share it on Instagram and tag us @Scentbird #NationalOrangeBlossomDay


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