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Cologne Picks That Match All Your Weekend Plans

Coar Fck Mondays

Cologne Picks That Match All Your Weekend Plans

Did someone say the F word? Oh yes, it’s Friday, so we’ve decided to have our fresh, hot and cozy cologne edit at the ready now. That’s your weekend, sorted!


Cologne Weekend

Trying to hunt down a distinctive cologne that’s a true winner for both summer brunches and hot nights? F*ck Mondays might be it. 

Here’s why: Not only the scent’s motto is Weekend Forever (not really, but for writing purposes let’s pretend it is), but the notes of bergamot, sandalwood and peach skin paired with clary sage and apple make this scent alluring versus overwhelming. 

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Cologne Weekend

Life is full of regrets, but choosing Gin as your outdoor-bar cologne certainly won’t be one of them. 

Here’s why: Gin stays true to its name by serving a lovely, masculine, fresh, woody juice straight from the bottle. Bergamot warrants an extra zap of energy to the mix of eucalyptus and mineral notes. Jasmine and leather warrant that dapper feel, while sandalwood and musk lend that warm (both in temperature and mood) rich feeling to the composition as a whole.

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JOHN VARVATOS John Varvatos XX Artisan

Cologne Weekend

Hitting the beach? You’ll need a scent as hot as the sand.

We love John Varvatos XX Artisan for its unpretentious, modern vibe, and here’s why: Szechuan pepper and vetiver give this scent that hot, peppery kick. Bergamot and tart bitter orange mix lightens things up, while cedar and musk blend guarantee you come back, spritz after spritz.

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Cologne Weekend

Packed with intrigue, Acqua di Parma’s well-groomed blend of aromatic accords and green notes manages to be both timeless and modern. 

Here’s why: Cozy without being fleeting, this is a fresh scent but with a twist — The citrus notes and the distinct lavender aroma mixed with geranium give this cologne a lightness that you wouldn’t expect from such a citrus-oriented fragrance. A warm-weather must-have, Colonia Club wears particularly well in balmy seasons but is citrusy enough to be a perennial player.

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Cologne Weekend

Fierce Night is a date night winner!

Here’s why: Creamy woods and crushed herbs mix is sensual and sultry, while bergamot and lavender are going after the sophisticated vibe, which is given, the moment Fierce Night settles on the skin. 

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