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Clean Fragrance Brand For Clean Oceans


Clean Fragrance Brand For Clean Oceans

On World Oceans Day, we want to highlight our love of all things aquatic and celebrate two sustainable and clean fragrance brand houses making serious waves in the fragrance realm. Thanks to their innovative water-based formulas, their fragrances are clean and gentle for your skin and the entire planet. 

Clean fragrance brand to get on your radar: Brûmée

Clean Fragrance Brand

Brûmée captures nature’s most exquisite aromas, suspends them in water-based solutions, and presents clean scents to be used safely on your skin and hair. Inspired by Provence, each note in these fragrances is a love letter, an ode, to this beautiful French countryside and the nature that surrounds it. 

Brûmée Cedar Wood + Vanilla

Clean Fragrance Brand

A warm and embracing blend that’s all about comfort, this particular Brûmée number calls to mind soul rituals that feed your well-being. Vanilla-orchid, creamy and subdued, comes to life by cedar and vetiver meld, the ultimate act of chivalry. 

Get it from your radar to your queue here:

Aromatic Spices + Jasmine

Clean Fragrance Brand

By blending delicate jasmine petals with aromatic spices, Brûmée dials up the femininity to the max, without displaying it on a marquee. The scent is confident, lively, and lovely on the skin, and utterly sensual on the hair. 

To get it from your queue to your skin, try this link:

Another clean fragrance brand to get to know and love: Maison Sybarite

Clean Fragrance Brand

Maison Sybarite scents offer a unique sensorial experience by synergizing water-plant emulsion with high-concentration aromatic oils. The result is fragrances that nurture both your skin, and your senses. Long lasting, masterfully crafted, and clean scents for anyone and everyone. 


Clean Fragrance Brand

An ultimate treat for spicy scent lovers, 720 takes jasmine, cinnamon, and cedar, and presents it on a golden plate, backdropped by cherubs playing the harp. It polishes cinnamon to the point that it will ruin other cinnamon-themed scents forever. 

Spray it, spread it on your skin, love it, but first, add it to your queue here:

Opulent Wood

Clean Fragrance Brand

Go big and bold or don’t even bother with a scent is the motto of Opulent Wood. Its main purpose in life is to seduce you with exotic spices like nutmeg, and saffron, sun-dried plums, as well as sandalwood and cedarwood shavings. The moment it dries on your skin feels like a butterfly bursting out of cocoon, ready to flaunt whatever Mother Nature has gifted it with. 

Go big and bold with Opulent Wood, here and now:

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