A Note To Know

A Note to Know: Cedarwood


A Note to Know: Cedarwood

Cedarwood is one of the oldest ingredients used in perfumery, with its balsamic, woody aroma providing a key facet in many popular scents. Native to the Mediterranean and the Himalayas, cedarwood has been revered for its mystical and magical properties by many cultures throughout history.

Cherokee believed that the human spirit was hidden in the core of cedarwood, while Tibetans used cedarwood oil in their spiritual ceremonies, and ancient Romans used the tree trunks for ship construction.

In perfumery, cedarwood is primarily used as a base note, anchoring the top and middle notes of a composition. Cedarwood combines extremely well with floral and citrus notes, lending warmth, while the fragrances in which cedar is blended with musk and amber have a green and clean aroma with a retro/vintage vibe.


Riviera By English Laundry

Woody yet undoubtedly fresh, this compelling take on a cedarwood classic has a very sensual, elegant and modern vibe, achieved by drenching the woody core with a shot of the most energizing, zesty mandarin orange and bergamot combo. A mixture of aromatic spices, herbs and florals uplift its velvety smooth heart, while the sandalwood and guaiac wood band together for a final touch of hedonism. 

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Colonia Pura By Acqua Di Parma

A citrusy creation with a woody backdrop, Colonia Pura is an excellent introduction to cedarwood. 

This is a light scent, where ozonic notes are melded with musk and citrus notes, including bergamot, orange and jasmine petals, all of which is accented with the dry, rich aroma of cedarwood. A fresh, elegant scent, Colonia Pura is versatile enough for year round wear.

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CLIVE CHRISTIAN 1872 Masculine

1872 Masculine

Created by renowned fragrance house Clive Christian, 1872 Masculine is one of the most complex and sophisticated fragrances that spotlight cedarwood embraced in aromatic, citrusy and juicy hold. Very masculine and intriguing, 1872 frames elegance in a very clean, soft, alluring way. 

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Cologne Mood By Comptoir Sud Pacifique

If you’re looking to experiment with cedarwood in small doses, try Cologne Mood. It’s a fresh spicy fragrance that’s encased by a mouth-watering zing of rhubarb as well as bergamot. The fragrance also features cedarwood, intertwined with nutmeg and patchouli to create a sensual, lingering scent.

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JOYA Composition No. 6

Joya Composition 6

One of the most popular parfum oils in our catalog, Composition No. 6 is a mysterious yet enticing scent that has a true artisanal quality interwoven through every note. The crisp, light as air oceanic notes, lotus and green cypress are anchoring this fresh scent with the help of cedarwood’s earthy aroma.

A quick application in the morning is guaranteed to uplift your spirits for the entire day, even in the midst of upcoming seasonal doldrums.

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