A Note to Know: Bergamot



A Note to Know: Bergamot

Scentbird is debuting a series on individual notes, entitled A Note to Know, so our subscribers can educate themselves, their palettes, and understand the complexities and subtle artistry of perfumery in full.  Having an idea of what individual perfume notes smell like, and how they perform in a fragrance will open your senses to a deeper world of appreciation for new perfumes and your growing collection of must-haves.  

Today’s note is bergamot, and we’ve chosen to highlight NYC’s fashion and fragrance designers, rag & bone, as their release entitled Bergamot is an excellent introduction to the note and its elegance.

What IS Bergamot?

Bergamot is a citrus fruit found in the Mediterranean world, primarily Seville and Morocco.  The essential oil it releases when distilled is a staple in the perfume industry for its zingy, bitter acidity and fresh orange rind feel.

How Bergamot Displays in a Fragrance:

Bergamot by rag & bone begins with an engaging, light petitgrain and bergamot tandem, and a touch of pepper for contrast.  The bergamot note is very sheer, and its natural bitterness tucks behind the sharpness of the pepper, allowing the focus to be on the orange citrus facet. The petitgrain adds its bright, sunlit energy to bergamot’s natural sweetness. The freesia and orange blossom heart add depth to the citrusy feel, with a hint of dry, tangy cedar replacing the spritely petitgrain acidity. Airy musks and cashmere woods echo the top notes’ light, breezy energy, swapping zingy freshness for an addictive skin-tingling texture.

Notes Similar to Bergamot:

Bergamot is akin to other neon-bright citrusy perfume notes, like petitgrain, neroli, etc. except it is more bitter and subdued than bright and bouncy. If summery, citrusy perfumes appeal to you, bergamot will be a big reason why. Check out Scentbird’s bergamot fragrances here.

What Bergamot Pairs with Best:

Any citrus note, kitchen aromatics like rosemary, coriander, and cardamom, rose, jasmine, vetiver, musk, incense, and gourmand notes.



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