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Tell us your scent preferences and we’ll find your scent soulmate

Perfume Types And Fragrance Categories

Tell us your scent preferences and we’ll find your scent soulmate

Powdery, heady, crisp, succulent, and downright sexy – there’s a special scent or two for everyone.

With your scent preference in mind, we’ve created a Scentbird fragrance category guide that outlines the four main fragrance families:


1947 Dahlia By Eb Florals By Eric ButerbaughIf you love the smell of luxury floral arrangements, then you must try 1947 Dahlia by EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh. Subtle wafts of jasmine and tuberose bloom in the intoxicating aroma of dahlia, smoothed out by cashmere woods, spicy vanilla, and sandalwood.

Simone By ToccaIf you love the smell of a fresh roses, then you must try Simone by TOCCA. Imagine a waterfall of watermelon tinged with rose petals and freesia notes. Delish? We agree!


Eau D’hadrienIf you love the smell of lemonade stands in the summer, make sure you try Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal. It’s the scent that lingers on the tip of your fingers when peeling a lemon, but with slices of orange and a dash of water for added freshness.

Costarela By Carner BarcelonaIf you love the smell of ocean, try Costarela by Carner Barcelona. This breathy, outdoorsy fragrance floats in straight from Spain.  A saltwater accord mixes with sandy notes and intimate ambrox.


Selva Do Brazil BerdouesIf you love the smell of black tea, you will be captivated by Assam of India by Berdoues. Tannic black tea notes infused with lemon scent and a splash of sandalwood in the drydown are combined for a scent with distinctive, addictive appeal.

Dark Rum By MalingoetzIf you love the smell of rum and the cool dark sea at night, then Dark Rum by (MALIN+GOETZ) is your number. There’s brushed leather touches and some patchouli in the base to rough it up in an exotic way.


CypressIf you love the smell of green forest veiled in morning dew, try Cypress by Rag & Bone for size. It takes you through a winding, dark and warm path in a forest filled with cedarwood, cypress trees and high vetiver grass, and leaves you with a bright citrusy fragrance at the end of the journey.

Commodity Bois 100Ml 1500PxIf you love the distinctive smell of wood, then look no further than Bois by COMMODITY. Its modern blend of warm bois de cedar, Australian sandalwood and spicy pink pepper delivers an elegant, silk-like effect.



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