Jasmine Scented Perfumes: 7 Options on Scentbird That You’ll Love

Jasmine Fragrance


Jasmine Scented Perfumes: 7 Options on Scentbird That You’ll Love

Jasmine scented perfume is a must-have for anyone’s perfume collection. Jasmine is one of the oldest notes in perfumery, and has a long history of being a sought-after aphrodisiac. And aside from its sensual attractions, it’s also a major part of most floral perfumes in addition to being a great team player in scent. A little jasmine in the heart of a fragrance makes the entire composition fuller, and more mysterious.

Consider these seven jasmine scented perfume options as a solid introduction to how jasmine can transform different perfume styles and show itself off with a variety of wearable looks. We know that at least one of these scents will surprise you with a sexy new distraction for your scent wardrobe.

Jasmine Scented Perfume Guide

Jasmin Noir EDP by Bvlgari

Jasmine Scented Perfume From BulgariJasmin Noir has something for everyone:  serious white floral drama, a touch of sweetness, and a slender thread of cool, herbal greenery to bring it all together.

Lush gardenia and a vetiver-like green sap accord lead into a head-spinning jasmine sambac and almond pairing in the heart. The drydown is full of sweet tonka, spicy and dry wood accords, and a flick of black licorice.

Jasmin Noir is exotic enough for both men and women to wear well, and it’s a scent that will show best with formal attire instead of jeans. The power and elegance here demand the finer details from your wardrobe, and they’d be wasted on downtempo weekend wear.

Eros Pour Femme by Versace

Eros Pour Femme By VersaceEros Femme is only for the true die-hard jasmine fans, or those curious enough to become one. Its heart is heavily layered in jasmine facets, from petal infusions to sambac absolute. There’s also a sinfully dark pomegranate accord in the top notes, as Eros Femme manages to fill this jasmine scented perfume with two of the oldest and most potent aphrodisiac notes in history.

The drydown turns to more of a skin scent feel, with light musks and ambroxan drowsily draped over a rich, polished sandalwood note. Come to think of it, sandalwood makes the list of All-Time Aphrodisiacs also, and what would be more appropriate for a perfume named for the God of Love?

Glam Jasmine by Michael Kors

Glam Jasmine By Michael KorsGlam Jasmine is as simple a perfume as you can find – there are only three notes: blackcurrant, jasmine and sandalwood. But minimal notes are your best friend when exploring perfumes – Glam Jasmine is a fine introduction to the jasmine cult to discover if this is a floral style you’ll enjoy wearing. It’s also plenty versatile – it’s fine either day or night, and dressed up or down. For those of you think you don’t like jasmine scented perfume, or are just considering them for the first time – this is your scent.

MMMM… by Juliette Has A Gun

Mmmm... By Juliette Has A GunJuliette Has a Gun’s MMM…. Is a perfume showcasing jasmine in a gourmand setting. If your idea of a fun date is to go to your favorite French bakery and buy some delicious yummies, MMM…is what you wear to get your mind off them before you arrive. This perfume is loaded with vanilla, orange blossom, jasmine and raspberries, and the jasmine note flows through the center of it all – a white floral lifeboat to safely pass through all the distracting, decadent sweetness.

Fleur De Cristal by Lalique

Fleur De Cristal By LaliqueFleurs de Cristal is light, fresh and citrusy with the extra punch of placing jasmine along with a refreshing bergamot note right at the start. The bergamot fades into a crisp carnation note in the heart, with a sweet and sensual drydown of amber and sandalwood. Fleurs de Cristal is the jasmine scent for the fresh and clean crowd – it’s a no-brainer for everyday wear or an office-appropriate scent.

Flora by Gucci Glorious Mandarin by Gucci

Flora By Gucci Glorious Mandarin By GucciGlorious Mandarin is an elegant party waiting to happen, with a heart of pina colada and jasmine. This is a perfume ready for summer and drinks on the deck or late-night samba dancing. The mandarin and peony in the top notes are demure and feminine, which makes the jasmine that much more exotic and exciting when it appears.  Wear this one on first dates and first-year anniversaries to celebrate that date while you spin around the dance floor.

Le Parfum by Elie Saab

Le Parfum By Elie SaabElie Saab Le Parfum is ultra-chic feminine drama played to the back of the balcony. Strong, sultry jasmine and a spicy rose note spill out in full bloom from the bottle, with an extra dollop of pure honey underneath. Each note is infused with as much power and strength as possible, without tipping the perfume too far forward. Le Parfum is a rich, intoxicating, heady scent for both jasmine and rose lovers, especially those who need a fragrance that can command a room as well as they can.


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