Flower Spotlight: Jasmine

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Flower Spotlight: Jasmine


As the official flower of Pakistan, Hawaii, Indonesia, and the Philippines, it’s no wonder that jasmine has some serious reputation as an international super bloom. Its biting scent has become an ideal ingredient for both home remedies as well as for cosmetic purposes. Essential oils, syrups, and even teas can all be made from every bit of the jasmine flower-so why not perfume as well?

Check out these top perfume picks with jasmine ingredients:

Blonde Rose By Clean Reserve

Blonde Rose by Clean Reserve has an iconic floral edge, but this perfume masculine woodsy attitude comes to equal measure. Channeling scents of sandalwood, rose, peony, and of course, jasmine, this high-end bottled magic will have you ready for warm weather luxury in no time.

Mon Jasmin Noir By Bvlgari

Teetering between sweet and savory, Bvlgari’s take on the jasmine scent includes nougat. That’s right-nougat! An appropriate accessory for formal nights, Mon Jasmin Noir also is infused with musk, lily-of-the-valley, as well as Virginia cedar.

Fleur De Cristal By Lalique

Like inhaling a generous amount of crisp, summer air, Fleur De Cristal is both soothing and invigorating. Along with jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, musk, cashmeran, and stephanotis, Lalique’s most popular scent makes for an irresistible cocktail of outdoor beauty.

Florence By Tocca

Spending an eternity in a whirlpool of only the finest floral notes seems like an escape from reality. Luckily, TOCCA has created just the perfect escapist perfume! Notes of jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, pear, and violet leaf are now just one spray away from pure bliss.

Roses Musk By Montale

Montale may just have succeeded in condensing an autumnal olfactive sophistication down to a science. Rose, musk and jasmine are your go-to’s for this season. With Roses Musk, the best of the fall magic is right at your fingertips-no passport required!


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    Jasmine Attar of Kannauj

    The perfume of jasmine is maybe the best selling perfume there. Of course, the non-alcoholic attars, not the alcohol western ones. I personally use them for summers since they provide cool sensations.

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