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Monday Mood Booster: Gold by Commodity

Commodity Gold

Monday Mood Booster: Gold by Commodity

Commodity Gold


Commodity fragrances are what you wear when you want to express your life story.

Simple, luxurious and personal, Commodity offers a wide array of gender neutral scents that are loved by both men and women.

Decadent, unexpected and intoxicating, Gold is a fragrant journey into luxuriousness led by an influx of Bergamot and Juniper Berries, before being seduced by the sultriness of molten Amber, extravagant Nubian Musk and Tonka Bean.

Delicious, dreamy and decadent vanilla is the star of this fragrant show, yet it is the amalgamation of all the notes that provide for a unique golden feeling.

The opening is sharp and bittery crisp – strong bergamot mingled with cool camphorous layer of juniper berries.

The middle is a passage to sweet, warm and cozy haven, with amber and benzoin burning slowly in the light of the woodsy haitian vetiver.

The final layer is one of lusciousness, with soft, warm dreamy scent emerging from the crispy coldness that greets in the opening. Notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla and musk flicker on the skin in an effortless way, prompting you to smell your wrists all day long and revel in its coziness and comfort.

Unisex all the way, Gold by Commodity has miscellaneous olfactive persona that makes it the perfect fragrant accessory. 

With a moderate silage and an admirable longevity, it is a scent that will proclaim itself and become a fragrant mark, an identification of your presence.

Gold Notes

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